August 09, 2011

reverent, reverent.

have you heard of the game "tickle, tickle"?
it might be a made up game, just my family plays.
you take turns tickling someones knee and you say
"tickle, tickle on your knee.  if you laugh you don't love me."
for family night we played "tickle, tickle" and then our reverent rendition.
because we are very creative, we called this game, "reverent, reverent".
kids sit reverently with their arms folded, head bowed and eyes closed.
we say, "reverent, reverent, look at me, i'm as reverent as can be."
then, we try to get them to laugh or look...  without touching them.
it was a fun way to get them to try REALLY hard to be reverent.
i loved watching them try to stay still... and, i loved saying "wow! you are so reverent."
our family prayer afterwards was SO quiet- our best yet.
my kids asked on their way to bed... can we play that game again tomorrow?
[please excuse the lovely pictures of me... i was VERY ready for bed!!]
and, i do know that true reverence is more than just quietly sitting-- but, this is a fun idea to end a lesson on reverence.
how do you teach your kids reverence?


beckyjune said...

That is SUCH a great idea, Jen, one that we'll have to try because we are struggling in the reverence department as well. It's so fun to see pictures of you guys!

p.s. I saw this on Pinterest today:

Well behaved children welcome.

The rest will be made into pies.

☺ Have a great day!

Karen Peterson said...

That sounds like such a fun way to teach a lesson. What a cute family you have!

And I love the picture in your header!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Right before the loooong closing prayer, stuff their mouths full of cheerios.

Just kidding.


Teachinfourth said...


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