September 29, 2011

all better.

why is it that band aids and kisses make everything better?
they must have some magic worked into the formula.
for real.

leah got attacked by a prickly bush.
in her tears she said, "i think i need SEVEN band aids."
after she was all bandaged up and happy... she said, "I can't wait to show dad how many hurts i got."

yesterday, lily fell and bonked her bum.
she cried, "i need a band aid... i need a band aid."
i put one on her hand and she said, "no, on my bottom."
so i put one right at the top of her bum where her pants and shirt just met.
all day long i smiled every time i saw the sparkles peaking through.

yes, band aids and kisses are magical.


beckyjune said...

that is so sweet! I hope that you're all having a great day.

beckyjune said...

p.s. we sure miss seeing y'all on the front row at church.

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