September 02, 2011

ghetto-ish wedding/birthday cake.

leah wanted a wedding/birthday cake.
with an A on it.
because A is her favorite letter.
i tried.
and, i'm not in the cake decorating business...
just in case you were wondering.

ps.  the cakes BOTH stuck to the pan so they were kinda smashed back together under all that icing.
guess what?
the kids didn't care.
and leah was excited.
and ellie says she wants a wedding/birthday cake for her birthday.
leah says, next year she wants a B on her cake... so she can go in order.
makes sense?!?!


valerie in TX said...

Hahaha - so cute! When K turned 2 she wanted an "S" on her cake - which was a caterpillar cake! Isn't that funny? So I bought an "S" candle to go on it. Great job on the wedding cake! :)

Teachinfourth said...

The two layer cake is awesome!

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