October 06, 2011

jelly fish.

i always have great ideas.
like, "let's all go with ellie on her field trip to the aquarium.  the little girls would love it."
my husband always starts with a "you've got to be kidding me."
but, he warms up with time.
and then, i doubt myself.
especially when all three little kids get a case of the snuffles and are awake half the night.
i begin to think i'm trying to do too much.  that my life would be better if i were content to sit at home with my little ones and let my husband do all the interacting with my bigger kids.
sometimes, i take it slow.
sometimes, i stick with my original inspiration and we JUST DO IT.
most of the time i am so glad that we got out of the house, even if it does take a little more effort.
most of the time, we are driving home with smiles on our faces, with tales of the big sharks that swam right over us and i think to myself, "that was a great idea."
have you heard this song?

my kids love it.
warning- it's 6th and 7th grade boy humor.
(i was singing it all day yesterday.)
jelly.  fish.  jellyfish.
 on a different page...  my sister sent me the most fun package ever!
new clothes, and new boots.
SKINNY JEANS and knee-high boots.
honestly, i think it's so fun-- but, i'm scared to wear them.
i'm still bigger than i have ever been- from little eve-ers.
and, i sometimes feel like i'm pretending to be stylish.
here are a few pictures snapped of me at the field trip.
forget about the frizzy hair-- i just don't know what to do with my hair in oregon.
what do you think?  does it look funny that i have a chubby middle and tight bottom?
do you wear skinny jeans?

 have you heard about this sweet little girl who got bit by a shark this summer?
somehow, it made these pictures a little less funny...

i LOVE my work.
and these guys... i just LOVE em.


The Wife said...

Let's talk skinny jeans and boots. My husband and I just talked about this last night and since he doesn't seem to think I'm "cool enough" to pull it off, I have been thinking all morning that I NNNNEEEEDDD cool boots and skinny jeans. I say GO FOR IT!! I'm trying to decide where to start my search for the boots and jeans....

And how fun that your sister sent you such a fun package!!

Lindsey said...

Wear those skinny jeans with pride, Jen. You look great! And also, I really loved your list of 100 things. Lots I didn't know. You are beautiful and amazing. Funny that you always wish you commented less in social settings...I always wish that of myself, too. But I can never seem to keep my mouth shut. BUT, every meeting I've ever been in with you, I LOVE your comments and wish you would make more. Every time you open your mouth and say something, it's like a light goes on for me and I "get it" a little more. So...keep it up. That's my vote! :)

LAURA said...

I say go for it! I do wear skinny jeans and boots, but I always wear them with a shirt or sweater that hits about mid-thigh.
That looks like a fun field trip, I bet it's nice to have your husband around more.

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I wear skinny jeans, too! Started when I was pregnant. My legs are definitely my best asset, so I decided to show them off! I'm always a little nervous, though.

I'm struggling with baby weight, too. I do NOT understand the women who say that nursing helped them lose weight. This is only my 2nd go 'round, but I didn't lose any weight until after I quit nursing the first time, either.

I'm catching up on all your blog posts. I love reading them. I love that you are so open and honest with your feelings. When you said that you "are always trying to make life better, it's in my nature." I identified with that SO MUCH. That is me, completely, and sometimes it drives me insane!

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