November 28, 2011

countdown to christmas.

we made a chain today.
because our goose is getting fat!!
tonight, for family night, we talked about our Christmas Elving.
this year we are doing a homemade Christmas- with the kids.
everyone picks one person and MAKES them a gift.
i'm excited.
and nervous.
for the past many years, we have done dollar store gifts.
we bring each kid with a list of siblings, mom, dad, and grandparents, and we let them loose at the dollar store.
i love that tradition-- the kids get so excited to wrap everything and present their own handpicked gift.
this year, we're vamping things up by having them each choose one sibling, and helping them to MAKE a gift.
(they have the week off before Christmas, so they'll have time to finish things up.)
i'm so excited to see what they make.

i love Christmas.
especially with a house full of little elves.

we sang "jingle bells" with trumpet accompaniment as our closing song.
and then jolly old st. Nicholas.
and jingle bells again.

if you have never had a child learn to play the trumpet in your home, you are truly missing out.
it is very funny. and AWFUL (at first).
VERY bad and VERY loud.  it really is humerous to listen to.
but, it's only Christmas and it's getting so much better.
it's amazing what they can learn... seriously, my kid can play a trumpet.  sort of.

i LOVE Christmas songs with trumpet.
and, i kinda love the CONSTANT blowing and humming of tight-lipped raspberry noises during scripture time and dinner and breakfast and chore time...

oh, those band teachers are SAINTS.
my kids are already planning our holiday treat drop-offs complete with trumpet caroling.
as we were singing, lily kept saying, "Why are you laughing mom?  Stop laughing."
i LOVE these kids.
life is so good.


beckyjune said...

This post made me smile- we are doing a lot of handmade gifts this year, too, and the girls love it. Your kids are looking SO big.

Tiffany said...

Our 5th grader started trombone this year... I hear your pain. :-) Actually, she's getting good. And it helps a LOT that she can only practice in the basement!

Teachinfourth said...

ANY music teacher is a saint...

Your tree looks awesome...

I'm glad that prayers are answered...

I can't believe your son wore shorts to get a Christmas tree, but then again, my students wear shorts to school every day still...

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