January 19, 2012

i know! stick to granola...

i have to.
it's my blog anyway.
i have to say SOMETHING about tonight's debate.
ok, thanks.

first, amber- i did like Ron Paul a little better tonight.
i really don't think he can win the nomination,
but he has some good ideas.
and, i like him.
he's growing on me.
i loved his "what do you wish you could do differently"
where he answered "I need to talk slower and express my opinions more clearly."
honest and heartfelt.
i liked how he handled his 50% pro life voting record--
saying he thinks it's a state decision and that laws can't dictate morals.
the problem is our nations morals not the laws.
another great answer-- border control.
when he said we have troops in Afghanistan trying to protect their border and we can't even protect our own.
really- that made sense.
before i would ever vote for Ron Paul he needs to convince me
1.that he won't start a WW3 by disrupting the whole world's military involvement and
2. that he has a CHANCE of winning the nomination.

second, NEWT GINGRICH...
ugh.  BLECH.
did you hear that his ex-wife did an interview (which she was not paid for) and explained that newt asked her for an "open marriage".  He wanted to continue his affair with callista (his current wife) while remaining married to his former wife.  Blech.  puke.  she had just been diagnosed with MS at the time.
when Newt was asked about the recent interview he said he was disgusted at the question.
i HATED his "anti-media"
"how could you ask me that question"
"this is a political debate"
"that was 20 years ago"
standing ovation-- oh please.
all the post-debate analysts think newt scored big on that answer.
Newt is scummy.
he was leading the accusations against Clinton while at the same time having an affair with one of his staffers.
it IS relevant to this campaign.
JUST as relevant as Mitt Romney's Bain Corporation...
honestly, i don't care if Mitt had to cut jobs when he was trying to save a bankrupt company.
but i DO CARE that Gingrich was speaking on Family Values days after ditching his wife for his mistress.
and newt has the NERVE to say "i have come to God and repented."
This is not a question about Newt's standing before the Lord.
it's like Santorum was saying about illegal immigrants-- it's not just that they broke a law once.
that they broke into the US and they continue to break laws...
and that is the issue with Gingrich.
it's not whether or not he is forgivable or forgiven.
he lied and he cheated CONTINUALLY on his wife.
while at the SAME time condemning Clinton for his affair.
he's a hypocrite.  he is not honest.  SIX YEARS he had an affair.
SIX YEARS he lied to the person closest to him.
and now you TRUST that he isn't lying to America?
i would NEVER vote for him.
Honestly, as a MAN, i would rather have Obama.
don't make me choose between Gingrich and Obama... please.

third, Santorum.
he did well, i thought.
it was the first time that i saw him standing up straight and really voicing his beliefs.
i do think he is a good, conservative man.
i liked him more tonight too...
i liked his bold, "i'm different, i'm your man"
BUT, i'm still not convinced that he is man enough to run for president.
he still seems little boy to me.
i did LOVE his tax answer--
will you publish your taxes?
sure, but i do my own and i'm not home to print them out.
i make a heck of a lot less than the other guys and i pay more taxes.
true.  and sad.  and it made me like him a little bit more.

and, what is up with IOWA?
have you heard about IOWA?
first they say that Mitt won by 8 votes.
now they say Santorum won by 34 votes but that they LOST 8 precincts so they are calling it a tie.
how the heck hard it is to COUNT votes?
i don't get this vote counting crap.
(sheesh, you're turning me into a cussing woman.)
i just don't get it... why is it so hard to have people vote and tell us what the vote results were??
it's been TWO weeks since Iowa.

Now fourth, on to MITT.
i have one thing to explain to you about Mitt.
He is getting hammered about not releasing his tax forms... and i didn't understand it.
his answers sound squirrel-ly.
he said he was an honest man and i KNOW he is.
i know it.
so, why else would he not want to release his taxes?
Bill O'Reilley thinks it's because he only pays a 15% tax bracket because most of his income is investments.
that's not it.
ready, i'll spill the SECRET.
i bet it has to do with his RELIGION.
Us Mormons pay A LOT of money to our church.
we do.
it's part of who we are.
most pay 10% tithing.
plus we fast once a month and donate money called "fast offering" to help the poor.
we have many welfare programs, international education funds, temple building funds, and Proposition 8 in California.
I'm sure Mitt contributed to Prop 8.
once mitt releases his tax forms he will not only be defending the amount of money he has, the amount of taxes he pays, but he will be defending the whole Mormon church.
and, the guy wants 12 years... how long ago was prop 8?
this tax release thing-- it's not republicans who want it... it's democrats.
and, Newt knows it too.
that's why he said, "if there is something in there that we are going to have to deal with, lets deal with now in the primary."  he knows.
and Newt's acting all "I released my forms, where are yours?"
yeah. he released them today.  one hour before the debate.
ron paul hasn't released his and he won't.
and rick santorum hasn't released his.

the biggest hit on Romney came from the debate mediator NOT from the other candidates.
want to talk about "liberal media"?

that's all i have to say.
i don't like Mitt best because he is Mormon.
i don't.  i'm not sure who i like best yet...
BUT, BUT i do HATE that his Mormonism could keep him from being the nominee when Newt Gingrich is an alternative.
when Barack Obama is PRESIDENT and he went to a white-hating, America-hating very weird church but he was ok because that church was considered to be "Christian."
come on?!

i am Mormon.
i consecrate my life to Christ and i give money to my church because i believe that money will be used for good.
my church has given my family money, when we were more needy... and i considered it a gift from God.
this may not ever be an issue...
but i bet i'm right.
i bet mitt is more nervous about showing his charitable contribution than he is about showing his taxes.
we'll see if i'm right.

now, time to put my kids to bed and clean up dinner.
oh... this political debate is starting to raise my blood pressure.
and really, it's ok to write a comment and disagree with me.
i have MANY friends and family that love Obama or hate Mitt or like Ron Paul or Santorum... fine.
actually, MOST of my family AND my husband's family are democrats.
If you think Mitt is scummy or too moderate... don't vote for him.
there are scummy Mormons- just like any religion.
but, if you really wouldn't vote for someone because they are Mormon... that kills me.
Us Mormons are good people.
really, really good people.
not ALL Mormons are good-- but there is much goodness in Mormonism.
we are Christian.
we are committed.
we are conservative.
we have integrity.
most of us are normal.  :)
most of us are pretty smart.
Really, Mormons are good people.
and, personally i think a Mormon would make a great President.
if not Mitt than who??!!  Newt Gingrich??
oh, gag me.

and, guess what?
i think most baptists are good people too.
and, i would vote for a good Jew.
i would.
(i liked Lieberman)
i love immigrants-- many of my friends have immigrated from other countries.
i believe a man should be judged by his character NOT by stereo-types.
and, maybe i'm wrong.
maybe this isn't all about religion.
we'll see.
(i just bet that the same people who have NO PROBLEM with bashing Mormonism are yelling "racist" at every mention of "poor people" or "welfare"...)
the end for now....

{do you know that i STINK at basketball?  why you ask?  because i'm not skilled at basketball and i'm VERY competitive.  i foul out quickly.  dang it.  i kinda feel like that in politics.  i don't know as much as i wish i knew, but dang it, i am pretty opinionated at the little i think i know.  hah!  insert barking chihuahua here.}


Lanette said...

Wow, girl, you are on FI-RE! Can't wait to see what people's opinions are with this post:). Goodnight and good luck. Hopefully you'll simmer down a bit and get a good night's sleep.

It's funny, reading this, I could totally hear your voice, all worked up.

Way to speak up!

valerie in TX said...

I love that you're brave enough to talk about politics. :) I'm way too chicken to go there!

Alison said...

You're so funny! I would say ditto to everything you said! I've mentioned more than once to my husband that if Newt wins our country is in trouble. I love Mitt! We'll just have to pray that the best man for the job wins. I know I can't change the world, but prayer can!

P.S. I'm impressed with how much you know about these issues. It's more than I know! You go girl!

~Patti said...

LOL!!! I love it! I have to add something about the tax-return issue. I'm glad you brought up the tithing thing! I was wondering the same thing. And as far as Newt (blah) revealing his.... well, it was only ONE YEAR! 2010! I'm pretty sure that when he was filing his 2010 returns he most likely already knew that he'd be running for pres this year and that he'd have to show them. DURRRRRR. Doesn't really mean much.
I totally agree with you about the response by the audience about Newt's "swingin" days. These people don't think that the character of a person can be a forecast of what we can expect from a president??? I was so mad that it got dismissed so easily. Ugh... I could go on forever.

CTR Mama said...

Did you see the article about Mitt and his tithing?

jenifer said...

valerie-- brave or studid.
alison-- don't be impressed, i'm much more emotional than informed.
patti-- one thing is for sure- passion is genetic. :) love you back.

ctr mama-- thanks for the link!! that article kinda bugged me, but it wasn't horrible. i hate that they kept saying we are "expected" to pay to stay in good fellowship. that's like saying Christians are "expected" to forgive others to stay in good fellowship with their church. and, tithing has NOTHING to do with polygamy and self reliance. it has to do with showing God that we put him first. tithing isn't a mormon thing... it's a biblical thing. my sweet texas friends Tithe and they aren't mormon.

i've read a couple more articles about Mitt's tithing and each time i think-- yup- i called that one.

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