January 26, 2012

Jesus wants me for a SUNBEAM.

At our church we switch sunday school classes at the start of a new year.
Kids who have turned three during the year 'graduate' from nursery to primary Sunbeams class.
i can hardly believe that my Lily is old enough to be a Sunbeam.
i had to take pictures real quickly before we headed out the door for her first Sunday in her big girl class.
because i am a leader in the primary, i was a bit worried that Lily would have a hard time sitting.
well, truthfully, leah has a hard time sitting and she is five.
i taught lily our secret wave-- waving with just her pointer finger.
it is still so cute waving to her over and over while i try to teach.
she is a DARLING girl sometimes over-shadowed by her fiesty older sister.
she loves to sing so gleefully, "Jesus wants me for a Sun BEAM! to shine for Him each day..."
how i love this sweet three year old.

1 comment:

valerie in TX said...

I can hardly believe it myself that Lily is THREE! She should be on a magazine cover - she is beautiful! :)

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