March 26, 2012

i love the BOOK FAIRY...

this is a real life picture-- reading after dinner.
nobody can resist bill peet.
the book fairy came to our house this weekend.
i heard about her from a friend and knew she needed to come to our house.
she's a funny lady.
and a little ghetto.
i actually wasn't home when she stopped by, but my kids have been telling me all about her.
i think i like the book fairy better than the tooth fairy, easter bunny and maybe even santa claus.
{although, i do love Santa.}
for your enjoyment, i donned the book fairy outfit this morning...
trust me, the real book fairy was MUCH cuter.
the book fairy picked out lots of books at the library for each kid.
when all the kids were sitting in the living room, she came with her magic bag of books.
she didn't just give the kids the books-- she read the backs of the books, she read the opening pages, and sometimes she read the whole book.
there was one rule-- nobody could read until the book fairy left.
my kids tell me they were having a hard time NOT digging right into their books.
note- the real book fairy brought over 20 books in a big library bag!
they are scattered throughout our home and bedroom so i just grabbed a few for these pictures.
my favorite part of the book fairies visit-- she brought funny picture books for the big kids.
the 13 and 11 year old boys in our family got a kick out of the silly ABC books that she found for them.
AND Bill Peet... who can beat Bill Peet?
it seems the book fairy and i BOTH love that guy.
he writes THE BEST children's books.

oh, there are SO many good books at the library.
we have been reading tons since her visit.
my little girls keep whispering to me, "you're the book fairy, aren't you mom?"
and i tell them honestly, "nope.  i don't know what you're talking about."
they LOVE telling dad about her mysterious visit... they are so funny.
this was a PERFECT way to start our spring break!
trust me-- you would LOVE a visit from the book fairy.
it seems silly, but just puts a little bit of fun into reading!
being a fairy mom is the best!
have a great day!


Lanette, the Mrs. said...

That was so cute, Jen. I bet it felt so magical to those kiddos:). What a quirky, fun, happy memory to make. And, the ghetto part makes it even cooler.

About Bill Peet. Yes, he's hilarious! His words are so great. I want to use some of his phrases in my regular conversation and see how people react:). However, because his stories seem long sometimes, I find myself "reading" an abridged version. What a guy. I love those classic books.

Glad you guys had fun! Hope spring break is awesome! Good luck! xoxo.

Kristine said...

Awesomeness! i might just whip up the courage and invite the book fairy to our house, i'm sure i will enjoy the visit- i mean my son will enjoy it ;) thanks for sharing!

Prescott Family said...

Jen, thanks so much for this post! I was going to leave you a comment but wondered if I could maybe e-mail you instead? Would that be ok? Thanks so much for all you share on your blog! You are amazing!!

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