March 06, 2012


as i sit here listening to mitt romney's and santorum's super Tuesday speech,
i figured out how to download the pictures from my iphone.
want to see my day?
{i had fun seeing my life through the lens of my kids who are continually begging to use my new phone.}
 pig tails!
{just fyi-- i re-did these babies many times throughout the day! i was determined to keep them in!}
i love that baby.
 after- pig tails...
 lotsa time in the car-- my back seat is pretty cute!

 i bought that rug for my dining room- from Costco...
my shopping partners...
 took a mid-Costco bathroom break...
they have the coolest hand driers {we dried for an hour!}
 drove some more-- LOVELY!
how i love Oregon.
we went to a religion class.
came home.
took quick naps-- i should say leah and lily did.
eve just slept in my arms and SCREAMED when i tried to lay her down.
silly baby.
 watched the last basketball game of the season!

 love that boy!
 and that guy.
and that girl- can you see me doing lily's hair in the back.
she wanted a fish-bone ponytail.
love the mothering in the background of this shot.
love dad watching the game... mom watching the kids.  :)
truth- i bring a bag full of candy and gum to the games so my kids will sit happily.
it works.  just isn't the healthiest. :)
love these girls.
can't you tell that eve is so sleepy? (with her little bruised face and crooked pig tails)...  sweet girl.
 mom and drew...
the sky as we drove home.

tomorrow- i'm back to my organizing.
{my new bunk beds are almost here-- AND i'm getting some lockers delivered!  fun! fun!}
it is happening!! slowly but surely!!
have a great day!
life is SO good!!
and beautiful.
we are blessed indeed.

1 comment:

Lindzena said...

Oh how cute! I don't even know you and I love this post. I love your blog! Go figure, I love squishy babies too! Yay.

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