April 04, 2012

drew's list.

my oldest kids are amazingly responsible.
i am continually impressed by their discipline.
i found this list on the counter after the boys went to school.
it's drew's things to do in the morning list...
i asked him if it was for school or scouts or something.
he said it wasn't... it was just to help him remember what he wanted to get done before school.
cute boy.

My favorite is #8.
and, the (if needed) on #4.
and, the ASAP on #12.

last night he said, "Mom, if you want to read a really spiritual scripture chapter, try Alma 5.  It's long, but really good."
isn't he cute? and, he's right.  Alma 5 is great.
{he's always telling me things like this, i think he doesn't know that i study my scriptures while he is at school.}

i love being a mother.
i am continually humbled by the great people i have gotten to know as i've learned to parent them.
today, i want to know them a little bit better and love them a little bit more.

and, i want to cook beans.
real, live, dry beans.
we'll see...
have a good day!
today my eve turns 1...  and on Sunday Anna turned 9... i mean 10... {double digits?!}
my babies are growing up!!??!!


Cindy said...

You mean Anna turned 10?

jenifer said...

hah! yup, 10!!

Paul and Linda said...

jenifer ... this is linda day. I rec'd your blogspot address from melanie and have enjoyed rdg. some of your posts. I am looking for your permission to use some of the material from the post on scripture study in a class I am teaching at the stake women's conf. here in late April.

say "hey" to todd ! the best scripture chaser I ever taught.

valerie in TX said...

Good grief, I wish I was that disciplined!

I can't believe Eve is ONE!!!

And...I can't believe it's been almost a YEAR since we've seen you guys! Just doesn't seem possible...

(see, 3 things. *grin*)

oops...#4...Happy Late Birthday!!

jenifer said...

Linda-- sure! i don't even remember writing a post on scripture study?!! {maybe all of my posts are on scripture study?}
feel free to share my blog address if you think anyone would want to read my daily wanderings...

here is my payment-- 2 titles of books that changed your life (for me to read- i like happy endings) and 2 titles of your favorite kids books.

if i remember right you are an AMAZING storyteller!

Oh, i wish i could sit in your class-- i'm sure it's going to be so great!!

jenifer said...

i hope that sounded right--
i just want TITLES, not actually books.
i was kidding about it as payment.

and, todd laughed at your scripture chase comment-- but he is amazing.
he can tell me the chapter that almost any scripture is in. he says you taught him everything he knows. :)

Teachinfourth said...

I think I'm going to show Drew's list to my class and get some oft hem to start a list of their own.

What an amazing kid.

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