June 15, 2012

simple teacher thank you.

it doesn't take much to show appreciation.
some years i have more than other years.
i am ALWAYS so grateful for the men and women that help me teach my children.
i can't even tell you how blessed my family has been by teachers that take the time to love, teach, know and guide MY kids.
my heart is always full.
i can't put a price on our appreciation-- and, i don't think being appreciative is about the money you spend.
teachers get paid for their work.
i always have my kids write a note of thanks at the end of each year.
i type it up for them, although a handwritten note would probably mean a lot to a teacher.
i love these notes--  i love how unique each letter is.
and, because we keep it small, i am able to continue this trend even with my middle school boys who have 8 teachers each.
some years i include a gift card with their note, some years i make a crafty thing...
this year it was just BIG smarties or extra gum and a note.
i didn't feel bad sending them out the door with their simple thank you gifts, i felt grateful.
i hope the teachers know how grateful we feel for them.
(next year i'm going to write my own note to include with theirs...)

not super cute... but very heartfelt.
have a great Friday!

1 comment:

CTR Mama said...

We do that, too! This year we did "S'Mores" baggies with a clever saying (found somewhere on the internet). It drives me crazy to get room mom and PTA people pleading/harassing to contribute money for group gifts/giant gift cards for holidays, teacher appreciation Week, and end of the year. Of course we should show our gratitude and thank them, but I agree that that does not mean handing over cash (especially when we had 11 teachers to consider this year). Mother's get one special day a year, for heaven's sake, and we don't get nights, weekends, and summers free, nor do we get a salary. I love how you keep it simple and have your children express their thanks. That is really what it is all about.

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