July 20, 2012

4th of July 2012

We spent a lovely 4th of July in the backyard of a friend, surrounded by good food, lots of kids, and homemade fireworks.
it was perfect.
i have a dear friend who was born on July 5th.
she is a saintly woman, mother of 7 boys-- john, josh, jacob, joseph, jared, james, and jesse.
i am one that learns much from other people.
this sister has taught me so much about serving, loving, working hard, not complaining, finding the good in everyone...
did i mention working hard?
she is a modern day pioneer woman.
she is a wonderful mother, a great friend, and a wise woman.
i love her.
i'm grateful for her.
i want to be more like her.
eve was so excited to see the fireworks, but very afraid of the sound.
she would cry and then clap.
sweet baby.
we ended up watching from an inside window-- it was perfect.
i hope my friends will forgive me... but i LOVE these expressions.
hope you all had a happy 4th!!
jakob, trying to make silly faces in the picture like drew always does.  i love this picture of my boys!
Life is Good.
I love America!!

1 comment:

Aimee said...

Jenifer, do you mind if I pin that picture of you and your daughter and the stars and stripes quilt?...love that quilt!
If not, that's okay, just thought I would ask.

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