July 22, 2012

oregon with Puzeys- part 3. Tillamook Cheese.

on our last day together, we followed them up the coast to tillamook.
it is a long, beautiful drive and we made sure to stop and enjoy the sights!!

we loved the kite-flying beach!
good thing puzey's had packed their kite!

this is not a good picture, but there was a group of people flying tandem kites... it was SO cool watching them maneuver in the wind-- reminded me of the air shows we used to go see in virginia, with flying Jet airplanes.
we have to go back to that beach sometime this summer!

we love cheese!
and, turns out we love cheese factories!!
tillamook cheese factory was so fun!

free cheese samples and fresh ice cream!
do you love squeeky cheese?  i do.

thanks for visiting puzey family!

 we were so sad to see you go...  (poor baby eve with her blistery mouth.)
see you next year!

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