August 08, 2012

a moment.

my husband snuck out of bed this morning to weed our big garden before the sun comes up.
(yes, snuck is a word, even if i can't get the spell-check line off of it.)
he got home from a business trip late last night-- he's been gone a lot lately.
i LOVE that man.
a lot.

leah and lily arrived at my bedside, whispering.
they don't feel good, with low grade fevers from a sickness that is getting passed around our church these days.
(seriously, our bishop even closed down the nursery last week.)
they both wanted to sleep right near me.
touching, cuddling, caressing up and down my arm.
i do not love sleeping by my kids.
i can't sleep.
but, i do love laying by them and feeling them and pondering them.
i just laid there being a MOTHER.  a mother of little girls.
eve sleeps in a crib, in our bedroom.
i could hear her giggle in her sleep.
i felt SO blessed and so happy.

i hope my girls remember those early morning cuddles.
i hope they know how much i cherish and adore them.
how blessed i feel to be THEIR mother.
mothering takes effort-- every good thing in life takes effort.
mothering requires selflessness and sacrifice-- you are always sacrificing for something.
but there is NOTHING more rewarding.
NOTHING in life is more worth the sacrifice.

i am blessed to be a mother.
i LOVE these mothering moments.
my children are beautiful and sweet and PERFECT.
especially when they are sleeping.

my life is good.

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