August 07, 2012


a bucket of weedy goodness.
we've been pulling a lot of weeds lately.
(not enough)
when we first started weeding the kids would ask, "Is this a weed, Mom?"
over and over.
i finally figured out that it was easier to identify the PLANTS and pull everything else.
THIS is a baby tomato plant, i would teach them.
Everything else is a weed.
Even if it isn't a weed--  a stray corn, in the tomatoes still gets pulled.

i have reflected on this truth over and over the last month.
what am i growing?
everything else is a weed.
our spinach leaves gone to seed...
our romaine lettuce... i try to eat it, but it's SO strong.  we need a rabbit to feed it too.  ;)
it looks good, doesn't it?
there is comfort in identifying the traits in my kids that i want to grow.
my garden will not grow EVERYTHING-- but what it grows will be tended to with care.

don't you think these peppers are beautiful?  i do.

a pepper picked prematurely by a pink panther...
i've also LOVED the seasons of life.
sometimes i am planting, sometimes i am weeding, and sometimes i am harvesting.
ALWAYS my life is full of goodness.
took us awhile to figure these out-- they are sugar snap peas.  you eat them IN the pod.
for sure, our favorite thing to eat from the garden so far!!  
what are you growing?
baby cucumbers.
this summer, we've got a few rows of hard workers and a few rows of kindness.
we have a whole section of gratitude and perspective just breaking ground.
our unity bushes are budding and our stalks of testimony are growing taller.
we have just a few young reading plants- just sprouting their second set of leaves.
and a bunch of overgrown readers that we're having to trim back a little.
one sleeping through the night plant that still needs fertilizer.
lots of budding musicians.
we have a two large maples that are just about grafted together and growing strong as one.
and a few acorns laying around that we are still trying to identify.
grandfather zucchini...
yes, i KNOW you are supposed to pick them small.
i promise-- it was small and then, it was HUGE... overnight.
anyone want a MONGO zucchini?  
every fall as i sign my kids up for sports and music and 4h and oh the possibilities!!
i just pray to know what seeds will grow best in this garden of mine.
i grew celery!!  real celery.
i have NO IDEA how or when to pick celery.
tomatoes are coming... don't say i didn't warn you!!  we are going to be SWIMMING in tomatoes!
herbs are like baby animals.  when i see them at the store they are so cute, i just want them.
and then they grow bigger and i don't know what to do with them.
why is it scary for me to just go CUT some and use it in my dinner?
i have a weird phobia of big herb plants.
ha.  counseling anyone?
growing a family is just as fun as planting a garden.
both take work.
and both yield beautiful rewards.
want to take a walk with me around my flower gardens?
ok-- they are lovely.
plants are BEAUTIFUL.
i love my job.
who knew that i already AM a farmer's wife.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow Honey, those flowers and that garden look great!! I can't wait to see you soon...

--the Professor

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