September 01, 2012

mystery vegetable.

do you know what this is?

 it's a lemon cucumber!
cute, isn't it?
my kids LOVE them.
my kids insist that they taste like a lemony cucumber.
i think they taste like a regular cucumber but have a suggestive name.
i can't wait to grow more of these next year.
ps.  how do you cook your summer corn?
we love to bake corn in the oven-- skins and all.
it comes out perfect and is easy to peel once the silk has dried out in the oven.
mmm.  don't you love summer produce?


Sandra Butcher said...

yellow squash, methinks...? and re corn - stopped smothering it in butter ages ago - it doesn't need it at all...your posts have been making me hungry lately! xxx

Amy said...

How long do you bake it for? I love the idea of not having to deal with the silk.

jenifer said...

Amy- i cook the corn about 30 minutes. mmm.

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