November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012- Little House on the Prairie.

It was a beautiful, moist, Halloween night.

We have been reading the Little House series this year and were so excited to dress-up like the family.
My girls wanted to sew costumes just to play in (they picked out their pattern months ago).  I was grateful for a deadline to actually take the time to sew with them.
I started sewing the costumes Monday, October 29.  The kids cooked simple dinners and helped fold the laundry and after two gentle days of sewing-- the Little House on the Prairie Family was born.

My kids want to have a monthly Sunday where we dress-up and call each other by our pretend names.
They are adorable.
I borrowed some costumes and only ended up sewing the girls' dresses.

Drew doesn't want to return his costume.  He thinks it's unfair that I didn't make his so he could dress up again.  (I might have to make him a costume for Christmas.)

Todd was teaching a night class, so he only joined us for our jaunt down main street.  We missed him, but the kids were great.
I love living in a small town.  We know so many people that we see on our way and nothing is overdone.

I love the simple decoration, classic games, and mild amount of sweets.

Here are some cute costumes from around town...

We had a perfect night and had to stop and take a picture on the way home of our perfect Halloween moon.
Hope you had a great day as well!
Happy Halloween 2012!
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