February 11, 2013

homemade valentines...

You can laugh at me.
I just like homemade better than Hannah Montana or Sponge Bob.
The kids had fun helping to design their own.

Tomorrow I'm printing them out on fancy paper at Office Max (.59 cents a page), and we'll attach candy or plastic animals to them. {Nerds for the nerds one, plastic animals for Leah's Kindergarten class.)
After you add the candy, I'm not sure they'll cost less than regular valentines.

Yes, I did make the poop valentine.
Todd is disgusted by me.  I think it's kinda cute, in a stinky way.
We will hole punch around the heart on the hole punch valentine.

Yes, my middle school boys BEG me to make them valentines.
They will bring them and hand them out in all their classes.
All my kids have specific girl-only and boy-only valentine.

I love holidays!  Don't you?!

Last year we had SO much fun with our PICTURE Valentines...  see them here.
Remember these?

  Life is good.


LAURA said...

Oh my gosh those are so cute! My favorite are the Napolean ones. Be careful with the poop ones, I could see my son getting into trouble at school with those ones, hahaha! I bet it's for one of your older ones though. :)

My cousin Melissa's doctor is napolean's dad (whatever his name is in real life). I forwarded it to her, lol. You are such a good mom.

Tiffany said...

Love these! The Tots one & the math one are my faves--so clever! How did you come up w/the math one? (Not as in "I don't think you can do math", but more like "that is so freakin clever--what made you think of it?"

Jilene said...

Love homemade ones! Last year we did "I've got my Eye on you valentine" ones for Eli's preschool friends and tied them to a pair of glasses from the party favor section. So fun. :) Hope you are doing well. Keeping you in our prayers.

jenifer said...

Tiff-- none of these are my ideas!!! I copied everything off the Internet... I did know math, long ago. ;)

jenifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Wife said...

I printed a few and can't wait to leave a few surprise notes for my family on V-day!

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