March 18, 2013


Faith in God means Faith in HIS Timing.
We've heard this before, haven't we?

I am seriously LAUGHING.  Laughing!
God has a way of giving me a plate full of trials all at once!  Why?
Would you rather learn life's lessons gently or in one big bang?
I think the next 35 years of my life will be easy sailing... just saying.

Guess what?!! 
We have to MOVE the same month we are scheduled to have this baby!!

We have been renting our home here in Philomath.  The rental company called to say the owner wants to sell the house-- they want to send out a Realtor to look at it so it can go on the market, and they want us to move out by June 30th.

We will not have a HOME here in Philomath after June 30th.  They may let us extend to July 30th if my baby is still in the hospital.  June 30 or July 30th, I will be recovering from a major surgery, we will have a preemie baby, and I will have seven children out of school on Summer Vacation.  That is a PERFECT time to have our home in show condition-- don't you think?  (Are you laughing yet?) Even better time to plan a move.

 Does this sound familiar?  Pregnant, stressed, moving with a new baby?

This ALWAYS happens to me.  ALWAYS!!
My sweet in-laws have moved us across the country five times while I was 9 months pregnant or nursing a newborn.  I laughed that this was actually their greatest trial.  Seriously-- THE TIMING!!!  Cuh-ra-zee!!!

My due date is July 19.
They tentatively plan on delivering me around June 1st.
I have no idea how long I will take to recover or how long our little guy will stay in the NICU.
I suppose I could always stay in a hotel near the hospital if my house was all packed up...
My kids' last day of school is June 20th.
We need to be out of our house by June 30th.

That's all.
Just some great TIMING.
I suppose it could be worse... if I was due a few months later then we would be dealing with a scary delivery and unpacking a new house.

I do feel that everything will work out.
God is good and even when His timing seems weird, it is best.  I just know it.  I am so grateful.

Speaking of timing...
I got the sweetest comment from a friend of mine who just delivered a miracle baby and had her surgery for Accreta/Percretta (just like me).  She read my concerns about having a preemie and shared her insight.  She said that as hard as it is to not have her baby with her, she feels so blessed to have him in the NICU.  Because she is still recovering and feeling pretty ill, she feels great peace knowing her little guy is being cared for by the best nurses and doctors ever.  She said that the NICU actually feels like a blessing to her and her family.

Those words changed my perspective-- AGAIN.  Once again I was reminded that God loves us.  He knows us and He is directing our lives.  Even when it seems like things are not ideal, you can see God's love in the details.  God is for me.  A baby in the NICU might seem difficult, it will be difficult, but it also might be one of God's tender mercies.  Our trials are actually gifts.

This morning I read the most comforting scripture-- it is one of 100 that I have read lately reminding me that I am known and that everything will work out..
"Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end."
(Doctrine and Covenants 100:12)

God is with me... this is my journey.
We ALL have a journey and this life is GOOD.

Today I am laughing.
I am someone who likes to plan in the midst of a life where I am NOT the planner.
I am someone who HATES surprises who is waiting for a surgery and baby delivery that will most definitely be a big surprise.
I am a very independent mother of seven who will be very dependent on others for the next few months.
When will I deliver this baby?  How soon will I recover?  How early will this baby be born?  How long will he spend in the NICU?  Where will we be living this summer?  How will my house be packed and moved without me overseeing it?  What new home will we buy?  Will we live here or across the country?  How will my children adjust to all this change?  How will Eve, my almost two year old, cope without me for so many weeks?  Will I really make it through these next few months without going INSANE?

Ahhh....  life.
This is my life and surprisingly I know everything will work out!
Everything will be FINE.
And, it will make a funny story.
It is crazy.  Crazy, inspired timing.

Today, I have faith in God and faith in His timing!!
even when I am laughing...
Please pray for my family at this time.  We need your faith and prayers.

Know that I am praying for you.  Because I KNOW you are travelling too.
We are not alone.  God's timing is BETTER than our best plans.
I'm so excited to see my summer unfold.  I feel so blessed to be in a position to see great miracles.

Life is good!!

i'm a little bit worried about todd...
he's having eyelid spasms.
at one of my doctor appointments he jokingly asked a doctor about them.
It's called-- Blepharospasm, and is a result of STRESS.  Ha!!!  Poor fella.
I think he'll be spasming for the next few months.


Marie said...

Oh. My. Gracious!!!
I was just thinking about you and popped in to se if you had posted a new blog... Boy did you ever!
Your journey leaves me speechless! I am constantly amazed at your strength and your glorious sense of humor! You inspire many... Stay strong, my friend.
In the midst of all this, it warmed my heart to see you that you had checked my fb page. Needless to say we are pretty excited about this new chapter. Kids... What a blessing!

valerie in TX said...

Good grief! I can't say this surprises me, haha. You're right - the story of your life. :) It does, however, make me want to hop on a plane and come pack your house for you. In the midst of that whole blog post, the one sentence that stuck out to me is, "God is for me." I love that. I need to remember that sometimes.

I feel like a broken record saying, "I'm praying for you, I'm praying for you!" Just wish there was more I could do from here!

Jennie Plastow said...

Oh no!!! K I kind of have to laugh. The same thing happened to us! We are serious bosom buddies my friend. I was amazed at how many ward members and family members jumped in and packed up, cleaned up, watched kids.... All while I just lay there watching. It ended up being a huge blessing in disguise. The only thing I can tell you with this condition.... From what I have experienced. Is that you can't plan for anything! And it feels like you are being bombarded with little trials and big trials. Then one day, it all makes sense and it ends up being huge blessings. Good luck sweetheart. I wish I could be there to help. Seriously... I want to fly up there so bad and help you through it all.

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