April 03, 2013

friends at the beach.

It was so fun to have some friends stop by for a few days during spring break.

We love showing people around our neck of the woods.
ESPECIALLY other crazy families with seven kids.
Todd walking with Jay...
don't you love life-long friends?
(Jay Walker was the best man at our wedding.  It is fun seeing those two together.  I will say they are probably two of the nicest guys around-- with two of the most amazing wives.)  ;)

 I almost felt normal touring the aquarium with them and my seven kids, while being pushed around in a wheel chair.

I look pretty good with a little BOY on my lap- don't I?
i think i need one. 

(My favorite part of the aquarium was finding Leah asleep on a bench.  Not my six year old Leah, my friend Leah-- the mom who had just driven all night to get to our house.)
We stopped at my favorite fish and chips place for lunch!
And couldn't let them leave Newport without visiting our Sea Lions... they were honking like CRAZY!
so funny!

I probably should not have hiked over the river and through the woods to the beach- on bed rest.
But, it was SOOO worth it.

How much longer will i receive these cute messages in the sand?
I should have taken a picture of the sand message we read... 
it said, Me + No One = Forever Alone.
Poor girl.  I'm glad I'm still in the I love mom stage of life with my five girls...

Ahhh.  How the world is even more beautiful when you have been on a bed for some time.
Oregon is beautiful.

Friendship is what this life is all about.
Thanks for visiting Walkers!!
We love you guys and can't wait to see you again.

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Lindsey said...


Yes, Oregon is beautiful. I was just saying to a friend the other day that I love the South, but I do very much miss living near the ocean and river. She said in response, "Yeah, I hear people say that, but...at some point, don't you kind of have to quit missing it? I mean, you can't go around your whole life saying you miss the water." She has only ever lived in one place her whole life. She doesn't know about the Oregon coast. :) I'm so glad you guys are thriving there.

Thanks for your comment on my blog about inner voices. Yes, you're right. I don't think I've ever thought about it that concisely. That was helpful to read. I'm going to try to work on identifying those voices, like you talked about. That's a great idea. I think where it gets most confusing for me is when it's thoughts about self-improvement. "You were too hard on him--he's still little", "you need to do more for her", "you can't miss this event--it means so much to him", or "you blew that one." I'm sure the Lord helps me know and meet my children's needs, but I'm also sure that I have often been too hard on myself, and Satan takes advantage of that. Do you have any thoughts about that? I always grow from what you share and would especially love to pick your brain on this one!

Praying for you and baby boy all the time--

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