August 05, 2013

9 lives...

Hi friends!
Just taking a minute to check in.
Don't be confused by my cheerfulness, I'm currently on the strongest IV narcotic they make.
I love that stuff.
I want to marry it.

I have been here at our local hospital since Thursday.  I'm one step down from ICU at PICU.

I've had sepsis- a severe blood infection.
This was caused by a super infected kidney.

Regular kidney = tennis ball.
Super Infected kidney = small football.
Ureter = tube that connects kidney to bladder.

My left ureter was very enlarged on the top half and the CT scan did not show the bottom half.

Regular = smaller than an IV line bigger than floss
Very enlarged = the size of a thumb.

A miraculous surgery was able to insert a stent into my ureter and open the passage way.  

Stent = a small straw

As they opened the passage way-- infection like toothpaste oozed out of my kidney.  Infected, nasty, toothpaste puss followed by lots of infection.  Blah.

If they had been unable to open that ureter, I would have had to have had a drain inserted in my kidney from my back until I was we'll enough for additional surgeries.

When I woke up from my surgery and they told me the stent worked, I cried.  My urologist cried too.

My kidney was very, very infected and I've been very sick - I'm still pretty sick.

I was nervous about being here and not up in Portland, especially for my surgery.
As the urologist was explaining the procedure, I had a distinct impression that I was here for a reason.  I knew I could trust this doctor.

I think I broke a pretty big mirror this year- or accidentally ran over a black cat.
One night I had a full body allergic reaction, and my IV pole fell over my head pinning me in bed.  Ha.  Luckily my cute, boy nurse heard my yells for help and rescued me.

Man oh man-- I feel like I've had the flu times 100.  Not pain, unless you touch me, but overall yuck.  Even on major drugs I'm only sleeping and going potty. No showers, barely any phone conversations, etc.. Occasionally, I'm witty enough to joke with the staff here.  I'm having a hard time eating anything.  I think 103 is my new 98.7

Doctors aren't too concerned because my body needs a few days to fight that serious of an infection.  They just changed something so they think tonight and tomorrow are going to be good.

Hey-- I'm able to write this so that is a HUGE progression.

Really, I'm back from the dead again because I just have to watch the 2nd finale of the Bachelorette.
Just sayin.

Life is good.
 I miss you guys and the good ole days!!
Sigh... 2013 what a year!


Kaela Frame said...

You got this Jen! You are strong and capable of doing hard things! I'm amazed by are a rock. We are praying for you over here in AZ!

Marie said...

Hi friend...

Sepsis: not good.
You on drugs: HILARIOUS! :)

Sooooo glad the stent worked! (We like stents at our house!). About marrying your meds... I'm thinking Todd might have something to say about that. Maybe a little a "little rendezvous" for the next few days would be ok. :)

Get lots of good rest, Jen. You need to be ready for that moving truck! :(

Still praying... ❤

Heather said...

ouch! i had a kidney infection once and it was a doozy. so not fun. praying for a quick recovery and healing! you can do it!!!

Steph said...

Jen, Jen, Jen---I've been worried about you...sort of check your blog twice a day to see how you're doing. I'll increase my prayers for you. You are one tough cookie. Keep fighting .

Charlene Hendricks said...

I am so glad for your little victories. If you survived all you did when Benjamin was born you will survive this. Still praying for you and your family. When you are back home I would love to do a family picture including little Benjamin for you. Call me. :)

Tiffany said...

Ah, sweet Jen... How can you be in such a precarious position & still write things that make me snort-laugh amidst gasping at the severity of your situation?!?

Praying for you & the fam!

The Nicholas Family said...

O my goodness! New baby, 8 kids, new home in new state, new! Praying for you and your family!! Seriously!

Dianne said...

What a year you have had! You'll look back on this, wonder how you survived, and marvel at your own strength and courage. We continue to pray for you and be inspired by you. Love, Dianne

Lisa said...

still praying here! sending love your way.

Kelley said...

Incredible = Jen Moss!

Carrie said...

Oh Jen, sending lots of prayers your way! I hope you love your new home.

Diane said...

Oh Jen, so sorry for the set back. I hope you can get back home soon.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say I adore that you are thinking about the Bachelorette at a time like this. I know it's the meds talking, but seriously funny!! I pray for you so often and I don't even know you, but your life has touched my heart. Thank you.

Eliz said...

Just want you to know we're still praying for you in Idaho. You are an inspiration to me...

Corine said...

2014 will be a breeze! ;)

Evaly said...

Oh, dear! Sorry to hear you are having complications. I was hoping you have been busy with the kids not sick! Hope you are well soon!

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