October 16, 2013

A daily journal.

My blog is like my journal.
I love reading past entries and remembering life then.
I have a new journal that I love!

The "One Line A Day" journal I bought from Target.
Every night I write one sentence about how I felt God in my life that day.

On Sunday, I fasted two meals (first time I've done that in years).
I started my fast with a private prayer that God would bless me with more love for others.
That afternoon at church I was given a blessing to set me apart as a teacher.  The man giving me a blessing said, "I bless you with more love for those you teach and for your family."  I knew that God had heard my prayer and answered me.

Yesterday, I was mowing the lawn and got stuck in the mud.
We also had our new/old piano delivered to us.

The piano movers helped to pull me out of the mud.  Nice guys!  I took a picture of them and put my phone back into my pocket.

As I was mowing I felt "Call home and tell them you will be home soon to start dinner."  I thought I would call home when I finished that field.  I felt prompted again, "Call home."  Again I decided to call in a little while.  The third time I felt a strong prompting to "Stop NOW and call home."  So, I did.  I turned my mower all the way off and tried to call home.

Only, I couldn't find my phone anywhere. I knew I had it with me when I took a picture and that it must have fallen in the grass.  Getting off my mower I started to look around and found my phone a few steps away in the grass clippings.  Had I driven further I would have destroyed it.

Now, I don't think God cares that much about my phone.  But, I do think He cares that much about me and you.  He wanted me to know that He was thinking of me, and that He talks to me, and that He loves me.

I'm grateful for my little journal where I can keep track of these little moments.
Life is good.


Sara Wright said...

You need some horses to MOW that grass :)

Tina said...

I've been wanting to do this for a long time - thanks for inspiring me to start!

Rebekah said...

Love the little journal--I am going to order one today.
Also love the sweet miracles in your day--little hugs from a loving Father.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Every time I try to order one of those journals they are always out of stock! Loved that you could see the small miracles that occurred in your day.

Tristan said...

I like this idea. My blog is a family journal of sorts but my written journal is often sadly neglected. My only problem is that if I do actually sit down to write I'm going to want to do a lot more than 1 sentence...hmm.

Oh, and Montse - Amazon has the journal in right now and has several versions from that company even. The one Misty shows is just under $13 there right now.

Diane said...

My blog is 100% my journal too. Hopefully someday I will get it all printed.

I love your little story. It just touches my heart to know how close Heavenly Father is to each of us.

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