October 21, 2013

A day in the life.

My MIL left on Saturday.  Yesterday and today were my first days flying solo since this year began.

Sunday is a busy day for our family.
We had to leave extra early to pick up one of our new church friends (who actually had open-heart surgery last week).  

I enjoyed sitting with my little family as we took a whole pew at church.  My kids were pretty good.  We narrowly avoided one fist fight and had a few distracting notes to mom being passed.  But, overall they were good kids.

Although I made a special trip to the grocery store on Saturday, I couldn't find my dinner ingredients anywhere.  I must have left a bag at the checkout.  Ugh.  My plans for chili quickly morphed into spaghetti.

The worst part of today and yesterday is that I AM SICK!  Fever and sore throat.  Come on!?  I'm ashamed to admit I was a bit mad at God over this one.  I'm just trying to be a wife and mother- why does it continue to be so hard?  Why couldn't I have gotten sick last week when I had back-up?  I really think I could rock my life if I could just get to ride it with air in my tires.

I was blessed to talk to a sweet friend who re-lit my faith.  

I'm not sure what my Heavenly Father wants me to learn.  But, I am sure that He could make me well if He needed me well.  Today, I can do exactly what He wants me to do with my limited capacity. I'm learning something this year... And I'm determined to learn with grace.

As I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself this morning, I thought of the pioneers.  I heard them telling me to just keep walking.  

I sorted the laundry.
Did you hear that?!!
I sorted the laundry for the first time in months!!
I shoved my washer and drier full of clothes and I felt so grateful to be here- doing this.
I was home with my two youngest and Anna who is also sick.
I was able to run Jakob his soccer things so he could play in his game today.
I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner and a treat for family night.
Leah ran over Lily's leg and I was here to hug and kiss her better.

Yes, I feel awful.  But I feel grateful to be right where I am.

Julie Beck, a woman I love and admire, said, "You don't have to feel good to be effective."  

I wasn't perfectly effective today, but I am grateful to be home.

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The Nicholas Family said...

Again, so happy to hear you doing better. I know you've wanted to do laundry for so long :). And thanks to your perspective, I enjoy laundry a little more these days :)

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