October 28, 2013

A few pictures from my weekend...

Wow.  That was a fast weekend.
My dad came to visit, which was fun.
We went to an apple orchard (twice, it was closed the first time), to a barn dance, and to church.
Then, I took a nap.

The hardest thing about getting back into the swing of things is the constancy.
Every night these kids want dinner... 
Then dishes...
Then bedtime...
Then breakfast.

I'm remembering how important it is for me to pace myself.  If I work through my afternoon nap, I'm a beast by bedtime.  If I stay up too late, my morning is shot.

You see, it is not supermom to work so hard in one shift that you drop the ball in the next shift.  My job is to anticipate and fill my tank BEFORE I run out of gas.  Which means, I sneak away with Ben after church for a little rest.  I leave the barn dance early so my kids are in bed on time-- Sunday morning is a nightmare if we don't plan ahead on Saturday.

Most of my cute pictures are on my real camera-- we still have not found our cord to download them.
Here are a few phone pictures!
Enjoy Fall!

1 comment:

Christine Suldinger said...

Nice. Love the toilet one :)

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