October 04, 2013

Public Bathrooms.

I've spent too much time in nasty public restrooms.
I'm worried I'm going to catch some STD.  That might be impossible or unlikely, but I still think about it way too often.

What do you do?
I'm too uncoordinated to potty without sitting on the toilet.
Most places don't have the flushable covers, and when I do use them I end up wet.  Blah.

So, my favorite new thing is Antibacterial Spray that I got from the trial-sized section of Target.  I bought a few and stuck them in purses and diaper bags.

I love this stuff.
I just spray before I potty and imagine all the nasty germs disintegrating away.  Plus, it smells like vanilla so it makes public potties a little more appetizing.

Happy Friday!!
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