November 22, 2013


Look who I found in the magazine by my toilet...

Seriously, I have 5 minutes to post this morning.
1. Elemen"tarry" school was canceled yesterday.  (They say tarry here, instead of elemen-tree.) I like my kids happily on school while I'm getting ready for company.  Just sayin'
2. Shopped for a dress to wear to a wedding reception.  Have a wrapped belly to hide.  Although a friend may have suggested I look like my grandmother (haha) I like what I found.  Ellie and I spent some time trying to choose between straight skirt or ruffled skirt.  I think straight looked better, but chose ruffles because I was in a fun mood.  
3. Ben peed out of 4 outfits yesterday.  I miss my Huggies.  Anna put him in an outfit I bought when I was on bedrest.  It makes me smile! 
He's soooo cute.
4. See that wall of pictures behind me?  Todd hung them for me yesterday.  I love it and I love him.  A lot.
5.  Was going to get my haircut at a salon.  They were closed when I got there, so I went to Supercuts and got a $10 haircut.  I actually prayed while the lady was cutting.  I think she did a great job and I saved a bunch of money.  Love that.

Today I'm finishing up everything on my mega list.  (Or crossing things off.). Wish me luck!!

I love Thanksgiving!!


Lanette said...

The dress looks fabulous. Nothing like a successful shopping trip! Have fun at that wedding!

The Wife said...

LOVE the dress. And I don't think you look like a grandma at all.

And, your hair is super cute!

Seriously, looking at you, no one would know the crazy kind of year you've had or that your the mother of 8 (I think I counted correctly) kids!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me. You look A-MA-ZING!! Your hair is darling.

Marie said...

FABULOUS outfit!!! My grandma never looked that that. Just sayin'. ❤️
Love your hair!

Aimee said...

Your dress and hair are just lovely :)
Sweet pictures of little Ben.

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