November 29, 2013

A very white, Black Friday

Thanksgiving was perfect.
I was soo tired by the end of the day.  Doesn't it feel great to be tired and full?  We are so blessed.

It surprised me how nostalgic I was.  All day I just kept remembering how close I came and how grateful I am to still be here.  Cooking and baking and entertaining helps me feel like me.

It felt good to fill our home.  At the last minute Todd drove to pick up our widowed friend who was alone for the holidays.  I'm grateful for enough to share. 

Today, there is a winter wonderland outside my window.  It's beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL!  My kids and their cousins play outside for hours and hours.  We can see them building forts, sledding, and slowly paddling their sleds across our frozen pond.  Someone said our yard is like a winter resort.  And, it's true.  

There is a huge mall nearby.  3rd largest in the US.  It is maybe 5 stories high and has ropes courses, a carousel, and go karts.  I thought that it might be fun to take the kids over.  When Todd and I watched an online video advertisement for this mall, it made me SICK.  It reminded me of Pinocchio's Pleasure Island or the great and spacious building where " all your dreams come true."  Blah.

I will not be shopping today.
I plan on sipping hot chocolate by the fire, while my kids explore the woods.
Ps- we made our turkey...
Ben ate mashed potatoes.  His first food.  He LOVES to eat.  I love that Eve's first food was Oregon's blackberries and Ben's first was Thanksgiving potatoes.
(Yes, I have darling pictures... Soon.)
Life is good.


Sandra Butcher said...

I love the snow pictures - I used to love just watching the scenery change. It's so peaceful and crisp and clean. What a great gift your kids have to grow healthy and hardy in that part of the world. So happy you had a great day.

Christine Suldinger said...

Love the winter wonderland! I'm ready to move to upstate New York :)
Tired of California Sunshine

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