December 06, 2013

A good rich person.

I heard the best story last night!
My cousin married a kind and wealthy man.  She is beautiful and classy, and really great at decorating.  Last month, she surprised her parents by furnishing and decorating much of their new home.  

It was like a real-life extreme home makeover!  After a couple months of shopping and planning, they sent their parents away for the weekend and while they were gone she flew in, had all the furniture delivered, and set everything up for a big reveal.  (She did this with her husband, two children under three, and the help of other family members who live nearby.)

I wish they had videotaped the experience, from what I heard there were a few last minute dramas (I think the dining room didn't get delivered on time and the bed was missing bolts).  But, with some quick shopping and ingenuity they pulled it off.

My aunt told me how much she LOVES her new house.  She sounded so happy as she described her beautiful furniture, lamps and end tables.  The little details that my cousin paid attention to (like the softness of the fabric and making sure the couch had attached back cushions) made all the difference.

I loved this story!
(I'm still waiting to see some texted pictures, maybe they'll let me post them on my blog?)

I fell asleep with a smile on my face last night.  

First, because I believe that often God blesses good people with money because He knows they will use their money for good.  I love and admire generous people.  There are so many really good people in the world.

I have one aunt that lives near me.  Recently, I told her that we were having a clothing exchange at our church and she emailed all her friends.  A couple of days later she showed up with a car full of very nice hand me down clothes, shoes, coats, hats, mittens, etc.  I was able to dress my own kids up for sledding and had BAGS and BAGS to share with others.  So kind.

Another of my aunts lives in England with her family.  To celebrate Thanksgiving (among the English) their family worked together to raise money for a charity. What a great way to give thanks!

I have another dear friend who is bringing her whole family to Uganda as she leads a mission trip- to help orphans there.  She has spent years fundraising and preparing for this trip.  What an amazing experience!!  

Second, last night I laid in bed imagining the things I could do if I were in my cousin's shoes.  I think I'd be a great rich person.  (Haha) This Christmas there is so much I would do for others if I could...

Want to know what I would do if I had a million dollars?
1-I would move my mom out to New York and set her up in a cute place down the road from me.
2- I would fly my siblings here from Virginia and Germany, so we could spend Christmas together.  
3- I would play Santa for a few families that go to church with us (mainly buying things like snow tires, new brakes, wood stoves, and just one "want" surprise for them on Christmas morning).
4- If I had to pick one thing for my family I'd pay off our house and our dumb student loans.

Money?!  Wouldn't it be fun to have money?!

I don't have millions, but I do have some... It is so fun thinking of ways to serve with what I have.

I think time and money are two of Earth's best "tests".  How are you spending your time and money this month?

Last night, I thanked God for blessing my cousin so she could bless so many who I love.

I also ended with a little whisper and a smile that if He ever needs another good rich person in the family, I'm sure I could help Him out. (Haha.)

Life is good.


Aimee said...

Love this Jen! :)

Donna said...

1.If I were money rich I would first donate to my church for the many repairs that are needed and for the wonderful ministries that are always ongoing.
2. Pay off my children's mortgages and get them all good dependable vehicles.
3. Secure the future for my grandchildren and great neices and nephews.
4. Buy a huge vacation home in Ocean City Maryland where family and friends can get together for many fun times and memories.

The Wife said...

love it. I too think I would be a good rich person. :) just sayin'.....

jenifer said...

So fun!! We'd come visit! We had many fun Ocean City vacations when I was growing up.

jenifer said...

Thanks Aimee!

jenifer said...

We could travel together to... Uganda or India??!

Donna said...

Jen, and I would love to have you and your whole clan! My teen granddaughters w
ould love to babysit the little ones while we went out for dinner and enjoyed the pools and beach. Ocean City Maryland is the bomb!!

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