December 14, 2013


My mom, Anna, Ellie and I drove to Vermont yesterday for my cousin's wedding.

I was so excited to get here that I um...
Drove a bit too fast.  (81 in a 65.) 
I know.  I know I should have set my cruise control.  Ugh.
This is New York- I honestly wasn't even driving faster than the cars around me.
Found out that our car registration expired Dec 1st, not the 31st like the professor thought.

The first cop was really nice.  He would have let me go... But couldn't because of my registration.
He had to give me two tickets- showing why he pulled me over in the first place and my registration.  Blah.
He didn't say I was speeding, he gave me some "failure to obey signs" or something that he insisted wouldn't add any points to my liscence.

After that, I was crawling!!  
Cars were riding my tail and passing me left and right.   I was slow and very surprised to see this...
Again!!  I got pulled over twice!
The second time, it was 41 in a 35.  He got me slowing down from a 55 to 35.  It was ridiculous.
Even though I showed him my other ticket, he gave me ANOTHER ticket for expired registration.  And a ticket for having tinted windows.  (I was driving Todd's BMW.)

[I took both pictures while I was waiting for them to write the tickets, not while I was driving.]

Totally my fault.
I hate that.

Anyway... Moving on.
It is so nice to be here with my family.
My girls are darling, they met their great-grandfather for the first time.
I should take some pictures!

Have a great weekend and... 
Let's SLOW down.  
Ha! Four tickets?! 
I feel like an outlaw.


The Nicholas Family said...


kristine barr said...

That has got to be a record! Poor you ;-(

kristine barr said...
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kristine barr said...
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Anonymous said...

One thing I do not miss aboutt ny. Is so easy to go fast because roads are good and scenery gorgeous! Then poof lights! Reall bummer!!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Oh man, so sorry! If it makes you feel any better I have a friend in Washington who was driving and saw a flash. She thought it was those cameras at stop lights taking photos of people either speeding or running a red light. She knew she hadn't done either one so she rounded the block again and sure enough another flash. She did this three more times and couldn't figure out what the flash was....until a week later she received FIVE tickets in the mail for not wearing a seat belt! With her picture on every single one. :)

Donna said...

Two tickets for the registration is just not right, I mean you couldn't have renewed it at that very moment. I would fight it.

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