December 11, 2013

Merely Mortal.

You see, this is the problem...
I know that if I take a nap in the afternoon I will be able to happily hold out at night till the last of my chillins are nestled snug in their beds.

Taking a few extra minutes at night, to tidy up, set out the breakfast dishes and pack lunches for little girls, helps my mornings run so much smoother.

Going to bed early allows me time to cuddle with my main squeeze and still get my beauty sleep.

There is this magic moment in the morning, when I am awakened.  If I rise and shout and greet the day with movement, my morning is calm and ordered and peaceful.  

When my kids leave for school, I have a short time of happy children.  I like to write a quick blog and then snap into my day.  

Sometimes the tentacles of distraction grab me in and hold me captive.

True rest, I tell myself, comes after completing the task NOT as you avoid it.

I know.  I know!!!!

Only problem is... these dumb distractions.  
(It is so fun to avoid for a time.  Numbing out is- enticing, even as it is unquenchable.)

Nap time is a great time to run around accomplishing tasks that I avoided earlier in the day.  I always think I'm just stealing time from myself, but really I know it's my family that will suffer later when I'm cranky because I chose to skip my nap.

Yes, night time is magical.  I know the beauty of a late night quick pick up.  But, we have Christmas tree lights and hot chocolate.  And, I enjoy sitting by my husband while we each read news on our phones.  I should say, while he reads news and I watch videos of silly cancer patient makeovers and airlines playing Santa.

Too much time reading stupid things on our phones, makes me fall asleep cuddled up with him on the couch and it is way too late by the time we make our way upstairs.

Oh, why the heck does that extra five minute snooze have to be my favorite thing in the world?!!  I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pulling my husband back in bed with me in the morning just for a long, longing hug when we both know that the troops are waiting anxiously right outside our door.

Sigh.  The problem is, sometimes a little mess and a morning rush is the price I am willing to pay for a gentle, lazy moment.

And so-- when I pass my girls' room and see one perfectly made bed and one bed with crumpled blankets and clothes strewn on the floor, I know.  I know how nice it felt for her to sleep too long that morning.  (A decision she may or may not have regretted the moment we started calling for her to come to scripture time.)

I see the cabinet of extra lunch boxes strewn across the floor of my garage- because a young one grew tired of Barbie and wanted a change.  The joy of finding a purple flower lunch bag was strong, and the mess before her was daunting, and so she left it.  I get that.

When I ask a child to unload the dishwasher and he says one minute that turns into five minutes, I can't help but be a little (too) understanding.  I wanted to clean my bathrooms yesterday and after cleaning upstairs, my "in one minute" turned into...I'll do the rest "tomorrow".  

I understand the lazy, procrastinators.  It's my gift.

And, the spilled box of gloves.  That was Eve.  She wanted to take a walk.  Where was her mother?  Um... discussing the separation of church and state on Facebook.  

The child with greasy-ish hair who "forgot" to shower last night is as excusable as her mother who forgot to remind her.  And, the son who is snippy because he's almost late for school would not be late if his very mortal mother got up on time.

Perhaps you are always disciplined and your home functions smoothly.  I know that half-gods do exist.  You can expect perfection from your children because you, yourself are perfect.

But at my house, we are a bunch of mortals.  And, though I never stop starting, I might overlook an unmade bed or two.  I might, if I'm in a good mood, smile as I clean up the lunch box mess (just this once).  I might smile and hug my rushed 13 year old and whisper in his ear how thankful I am that he is more disciplined than me... even though I am still taller (and more kind) than he is.

Somedays I am a mess.  But, I am very in love and very happy to be right here in the midst of my late mornings, unmade beds and independent 2 year olds.

Life as a mere mortal, living with like mortals is so good.
(PS- this tub of love is crazy about his food... I think angels whispered in his ear, as he was entering his preemie body, eat and grow!  He has taken their counsel very seriously!  Feeding him is delightful and hilarious!!! Love my job!)


The Nicholas Family said...

All of this is so very familiar and true! Love it!

Marie said...

This made me smile... ❤️

Amy said...

Gives me hope! So relieved that you take a break from being super mom occasionally.

jenifer said...

I never break from my role as Supermom!! I just fly higher some days than others. It's actually, um, required. It's in the script. :)

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