December 20, 2013

T minus 5 days.

Yes I am.
Trying to find the peace... Again.
I hate to feel stressed.

7:22 this morning, my oldest and wisest child asks if he can bake brownies for school.  (They leave for school at 7:30.)
Um, no.
"Well then, what can I bring?"
I bought a few extra boxes of iced cookies for kids who didn't tell me by Wednesday what they needed to bring for parties...
He doesn't like those cookies.
And so, despite amazing, super-galactic planning ahead skills (on my part), I still have one unhappy child.
Until-- my second child (who supplied a list of nearly 10 items for me to buy him for school parties- before Wednesday's shopping trip), offered to give Jakob his case of assorted donuts.
Everyone is smiling again for a moment.

One can't find her coat- ever.
One can't find her Santa hat.  
Which Santa hat?  The one she made in Texas, three years ago. Um... Really?!
No one knows where the $40 cash went that was on the table.
Todd reminds me we have a date to go to the Syracuse game tonight.  So fun.  Fun right?  Sounds- fun.  Nothing at all I'd rather be doing...
One is reminding me over and over to call her friend for a play date- she's been bugging me to call everyday for a week.  Just call- today.  It's one little thing that I can do... While I'm getting ready for a basketball game.

This is all normal and good.
Just wish I was whistling a happy tune not feeling like my heart just might be two sizes too small this morning.

Can't wait to read and ponder and reconnect... Right now.  
After I push post and before I cook scrambled eggs to bring to the 6th grade party.
Actually, I think I'll listen to a talk while I clean up breakfast.

Maybe "You can do it now" by Elder Uchdorf.  That was my favorite yesterday.

Ready-- let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

See, I'm smiling?
Seriously, taking a picture while crossing your eyes is hard.
I have skillz.
(Ha!  Finally a picture of me in the last two months where I'm not wearing my teal shirt.  And, in almost every picture I'm making a silly face.  Perhaps this Christmas has brought out my inner child?!)

Life is good.
I can do today.
When my heart is calm I can handle the pace... 
Today is going to be a great day.
I love basketball games. ;)


Tristan said...

All I'm doing is holding the sick baby while keeping the recovering from surgery #11 1 year old on his tummy (no sitting allowed for a few weeks pretty much, a little bit of wheelchair time is ok, but not much). 6 of the 8 are sick. Of course. Because all I want for Christmas is.... sigh. It will work itself out. The messes can wait, nothing extra is getting done, and if I'm really blessed I just may get a nap sometime before January arrives.

Praying you have a wonderful day! I love that one sibling was willing to share so the other had a better morning. So sweet!

Sandra Butcher said...

oh Jen, in your new neighborhood, you may find you need a little more reverence for things Orange - have a fun night out amidst all that energy, the rest will sort itself out. love you xxx

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