January 28, 2014

A gentle morning.

Peace is divine.  
It is more than the absence of war.
It is order, inspiration and contentment.
Peace grounds us and heals us.
Peace brings joy in the moment while showing us the now of eternity.
Peace realigns our priorities with our desires.

I have learned how to drink peace, instead of coffee, in the morning. 
It takes time, discipline and training.
It is an investment that blesses every other minute of my day to be purposeful and more productive.

How I cherish my "hour of peace and rest- unmarried by earthly cares.  Tis' then before The Lord I go, and kneel in secret prayer."

Life is good.
Peace is Heavenly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing an awful lot of pics with little Rocco curled up at your feet... ;-) I am glad that you create a space for peace each day. I used to write first thing every morning. Maybe I should start again. Love you. Aunt Sandra

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