March 07, 2014

a walk in the snow.

I have a dream-
a healthy mother (on cross country skis, since this is a dream) walking her puppy, pulling her toddler and infant in an LLBean toboggan sled through the snowy woods in our backyard.
(Inspiration from this blog post.  Yes, I do realize that her baby is three or four.)

This is not the year.
Aside from the obvious technical difficulties, I could barely pull the sled down our PLOWED driveway.
My favorite moment was eve trying to comfort ben by hugging him which actually only meant her snow-covered gloves were now right on his baby face.  I yelled "Eve, No!", she looked up at me with confusion, ben was red and mad, rocco was concerned that ben was crying.  He tried to comfort ben, by jumping on Eve, which made her scream, and I just laughed.  
Because I knew.
Not this year little dreamer... not this year.

Perhaps the fact that Ben was crying just getting into his snow suit should have been my first clue.
Haha.  I'm not easily deterred.

Even unsuccessful walks in the snow are successful.
Honestly, it felt SO good to be outside even as I was laughing at the craziness of my life.
I was also laughing because the sound of eve yelling at rocco while ben cried (perhaps screamed) was the perfect background music for my mental rehearsal of the conversation the professor and I had earlier in the week.

The conversation (very different from any conversation regarding the acquisition of puppies or summer trips or the planting of orchards or purchasing of chickens) where I described the beautiful cross country ski trails we could enjoy as a family if we only had one particular sled and where he may or may no have doubted our family's readiness to embark on such lofty endeavors.
I may not have said it- ever.
But, with this blog I am officially acknowledging... YOU WERE RIGHT DEAR!
(I love you for your balance and you love me for my drive!  Not that I don't have balance or you don't have drive-- but, you know what I mean.  NEXT YEAR!)

Life (with a baby, toddler, puppy, and subzero temperatures) is beautifully, deliciously (indoors) and good.

Someday (soon) we'll enjoy the outdoors together.
I'm going to file this dream next to "family bike ride".
For now... just enjoy this picture with me.

Do you have a dream?  Are you a realist or a dreamer?  Oh... how I love my realistic friends.
PS-- writing a blog never takes me "just 15 minutes".  Even if I dream it so.
See-- two confessions in one day.  It's a start.
Thank you for reading my silly life.  Enjoy your weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so many "firsts" in one day! I will not hang this over your head my dear. I will return the sled, though. :-)

the professor

cheryl cardall said...

I'm a realist for sure and sometimes I need to be more of a dreamer and be spontaneous and try things. My realism makes me just think that anything adventurous won't work. Drive my husband...a dreamer...crazy!

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