March 11, 2014

Love it.

Todd texted me this picture with the caption- "You're beautiful."
He's sweet.
And please don't tell him that nobody looks good in stirrups.

My big surgery is a go.
Moved up from next Thursday to next Monday.  
T minus six days and counting.

My new surgeon is Mr. Miyagi.
No, that's not his real name, but he is miyagi/yoda like.
He has healing hands.
As he was explaining this robo-tech surgery to me, he touched my stomach and back.  I felt his gift.  
He has healing hands.
You can feel that too, can't you?

I'm a hard patient because I'm smart and I ask a lot of questions (well, and my insides are a bit scrambled).

I trust myself enough to express my concerns and not proceed until I really feel good about both the surgeon and the surgery.

Amoung other things, I am NOT excited about having a catheter for two weeks.  Ugh.
I asked my doctor if he has ever had a catheter.  He said "No."  Then he explained a cartoon he saw that showed a catheter made out of barbed wire.  (Haha.  He's a funny yoda doctor.)
I told him that I believe you should not be allowed to be a urologist until you've experienced a catheter and a cystoscopy.  Honestly.

They're not too bad, but they are not fun either.  Every doctor needs a chance to have their feet in the stirrups while someone assures them it only hurts a little bit.  Ha!  Oh, I'm awful.

I trust this man.
He is wise.  This is my next right step.
So, whatever happens it will be ok.

Today I'm grateful to have my pants back on!
I know I really shouldn't talk about such things.
I'm sorry!
(Honestly, this scope was the flexible kind so it wasn't too bad.  Meaning- I went potty afterwards and didn't scream or pee large amounts of blood.  Yay!  Healing hands I tell you...)

Kidneys, ureters, and bladders are important.  I'm grateful for mine.
Modern day medicine is really miraculous.

I'm grateful for him

And him
And my sweet aunt who is kid-sitting.

Life is good {even on cystoscopy days}.

(It is 50* degrees here today!  Beauteous!  Tomorrow we're expecting 12-20 inches of snow!)

Hope your day was more... comfortable than mine.
Sometimes I'm sorry that you read these silly blogs of mine!  It is very hard NOT to make inappropriate references when your real life revolves around urine.


Laurie said...

Not inappropriate, just real! Good luck this week as you prepare for surgery! I will pray for those healing hands!

kristine barr said...

Good luck on Monday along with the next 2 weeks of catheter time.

Pam said...

Sending prayers of peace for you and your family, and the doc's healing hands. And I'm glad I get to read your blog. You have an amazing spirit and I pray you recover quickly.
God bless you all!

cheryl cardall said...

I appreciate blogger who are real and tell it like it is. Prayers go with you for your surgery.

granna Donna said...

Prayers for a successful surgery and a full recovery so that you may go on with a wonderful life with your sweet husband and great children. Love and best wishes, gramma Donna

g var said...

i just found your website and was hoping you could answer a few of my questions. I am 23 weeks preg with complete placenta previa and placenta percreta. I worried about the after effects of my hysterectomy. Do you currently have problems with your bladder and or bowels? Did it change your sex life? Do you suffer joint pain or any other pains?

Jenifer Moss said...

G var--
I actually don't mind having a hysterectomy at all.
(I still have my ovaries.)
My sex life is just fine!! (You don't need a cervix to enjoy intimacy!)
I do have bladder/kidney/bowel issues still. I'm having a big surgery on Monday to fix these issues- hopefully.
No joint pain.
Healing has been tougher than I could have ever imagined. But, i am alive to enjoy my amazing family. I am given the strength I need in the moments I need it.
God is near you!! You can do it- one day at a time!

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