March 20, 2014

Phooey on Pooey

Todd's encouragement and over-animated "Wow!" as I experience poo progression is just about as helpful as was his hand on my shoulder while saying the word "Release" during Eve's delivery.  Thanks for trying babe.  But sometimes a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta doo doo.  

Door closed.

Feeling better.

They have mentioned home.  
Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.

I have three darling, wise, different doctors.  
They were each essential, beautiful parts of my recovery surgery and I love them.

1- Dr Miyagi the Urologist
2- My real-live, shamrock sock wearing, Irish brogue speaking bowel doctor
3- My plastic surgeon (who is going to discover a safer way to stitch up c-sections and teach it to ob's across the world so Accreta rates drop! Really, he can!)
I have no idea when I'm going home.  :)

Um.  Hello!!
While standing nearby and exclaiming "Wow!" might not be particularly helpful, keeping housekeeping males out of the bathroom while I um, finish a blog, and rest a bit IS very helpful.
Next time.  ;)

Life with plumbing is a little better!!


Anonymous said...

But, No Pressure! Lol

kristine barr said...

Hope it all came out ;-) No kidding. That picture makes it look like you are sitting on a giant toilet. Maybe you did let it all out and you shrank!

Marie said...

You and Todd are so cute! What a team! ❤️
Praying all "goes" well today... *wink wink*

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