April 25, 2014

Spring Break Boot Camp and Building a Chicken Coop

Yes we did.
We are just ending one week of Spring Break boot camp.  Every time I come back to life, I have to battle again to rethrone.

We did graded chore and dish jobs.
Graded on 

We had daily honor roll trips- usually to get ice cream.

It worked.
I reign.

Love these kids!  Nice to remember how well-behaved they really can be.

Around these parts Operation Chicken is in full swing.  We are building a coop and fortifying against Wile E. Cayote.
I almost feel sorry for the varment around these parts.  
We designed a few great coops- and then ended up building one right into our barn.  I think this is the best choice for safety and accessibility during our long winters.  My dad is head of construction effort.  I'm pretty excited about this!

Here are a few of my favorite designs...
This cute factor (above) with this function ability (below).
Here are some great moveable options-
(We may still build that portable pen if free ranging proves too fatal to our ladies.)

Oh- I love spring.
I am NOT a farmer, carpenter or a realist.

(Do you know 2x4's cost $5 each?!! Cough. Cough.  Um, we didn't even buy my cute paint, red door or shutters!)

I'm just a mother and a dreamer.
(And, I NEED a red door.)
Life is good.

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CTR Mama said...

With summer coming, I need more info on the graded chores system!

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