May 02, 2014

This is what I missed most.

Yes, my life revolves around the mundane and I love it.
I love writing shopping lists and meal plans.
I love being a little bit stressed about money NOT really stressed about blood pressure or hematocrit levels.
I love spending my days with my favorite little people.
I love little girls in pigtails and little boys with wavy hair and plaid shirts.
I love fresh produce and so do my kids.
Yes, I buy fresh beets (because they're beautiful and deep red), a turnip (to throw in my mashed potatoes), organic green onions (because they were .29 cents more and looked/smelled like normal green onions on steroids), and fresh Italian parsley (because it was so fresh and beckoning).
I love little helpers and find humor in the effort required to navigate the grocery store with littles.
Yes, we opened a container of melon spears-- they were perfect for hungry kids and a fading mother.  Perfect!
I love parking my overflowing cart in the flower shop to take Eve potty.
I love going to the bathroom myself because it is convenient NOT because I am dying!!  I almost went shopping the whole time without even thinking about my bladder!!!
I love fresh flowers.  Love them!
I {twice} asked random strangers for help.  
First, I asked a coke guy to help me trade the Capri Suns wedged under my cart for the pack of 100% juice Capri Suns.  I said "I know you don't work at Wegman's, but can I ask you a favor?"
He said with a smile, "I don't work for Wegman's, but I'm still a nice guy!"
And, he was.
Second, I asked a Wegman's worker to help me put my groceries from my cart to the conveyer belt.  (I was dead tired by the end.) She was the sweetest lady who just smiled as Eve "helped".
(I NEVER let my kids walk at the grocery store- unless my cart is so full I need more space for food.)
(My empty case of melon spears- the best grocery store snack.  My kids weren't even that sticky.)
This is my favorite "after" picture.  Eve was just making silly posed faces, but she captured how I was almost feeling.
See her cute shoes?  She picked these flower high tops out at Target and for some reason she loves them.  I do too!
Ben was shy to the lady helping unload.
He loved that steering wheel and even stood up holding on to it (a definite preemie first)!
Wow.  I love this life!!
Look at these cute, gripping baby hands.
And pigtails!
The way out (an empty cart because I always do curbside loading).
Cute car babies--
And, I really want a hairstyle that changes when it gets wet- so I can wear one of these waterproof hats...
I can think of a few places I would love to be (like BYU Woman's Conference), but there is no place I'd rather be.
I love the beautiful ordinary life.
I LOVE being a mother.
Life is good.

This morning Eve repeated a scripture in Acts that has the word 'hospital' in it.  She said in her cute, excited voice "Hey!  Hospital!  That's where my mom lives!"


grammaDonna said...

I love Wegman's. My Mikey would take me there to get special goodies to share with the family, seafood, special pastries and breads. Can't drive there alone now with the traffic around that area. Another thing to miss about that precious son of mine. Your pics of the store brought back memories.

CTR Mama said...

Wegmans and little pigtails are my favorites, too! (In fact, I need to go to Wegmans tomorrow.)

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