June 30, 2014

Monday Morning at Mossimo Farms

It is beautiful here.
We are only two no-school days into summer and I can already tell that this is going to be a picturesque time of our lives.
Perhaps I should pull out my real camera... Oh, the ease of an iPhone.
My yard is sprinkled with pops of color...
I took an early morning walk this morning just to see and feel summer in my little corner of upstate New York.  We love it here.
(Lovely finger shot.)
(Another finger.)
A few tomatoes and some weeds...
Todd was up early weeding while I observed.
How I love him.
Drew built this nifty stand for our sprinkler.  He's a great farmhand, that one.
The cows were just waking.  
They are such docile toddlers.
(We just bought some green elastic bands to convert these bulls into steers.  Haha.  This is 100% Todd's department and a future post.)
These boys are cute together.
Around 7am, Drew wakes up Leah and they get to work.
I have never once had to remind Drew to care for his cows.
(I went to bed early last night and was surprised to wake up to a sink of dirty dishes.  I can't remember the last time we've had a messy kitchen in the morning.  Is it bad for me to admit- the extra sleep was worth it?)
Sweet babies.
I love this life we are blessed to experience.
I'm grateful for the lessons my children are learning here on our little farm.
Life is good.
If you are an Instagram (mossmoments) or Facebook (Jenifer Moss with one N in Jenifer) friend of mine, you can see a few videos I'll be posting.

Have a great Monday!!


Marie said...

Summer is here in WA as well...
After the year (+) that you and your family have had, you all deserve EVERY gentle moment of bliss that comes your way, Jen! ❤️

Rebekah said...

you're living the dream !

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