July 07, 2014

From Bull to Steer

If you are invited to my home on a Sunday evening, and happen to have military or medical or vet or mechanic experience, or if you have a darling English accent, you may be asked to castrate my bulls.  Seriously (and thank you).  Sometimes you just need a group of friends to give you the courage to man up-- or man down in this case.
What are friends for?
Yes, this was our Sunday evening fun.  My friend explained that maybe the Ox was in the mire.  :)
Two (actually three) green elastic bands, one castration elastic band stretcher tool,  two sweet baby bulls who had no idea what was coming, seven helpful adults, and fouteen inquisitive children-- led to one educational evening.  
Another friend of mine is a cow vet and he assured me that banding these bulls would be "easy".  That's what they all say.   I'm certain his whole family laughed at my panicked answering machine messages-- "What if the bull's man stuff isn't there?!  Um, what if we accidentally missed a part, or only got one of two parts?  Is castrating two bulls the night before my husband and older boys leave for a week a bad idea?  Call me back!  Thanks."  I actually think they're out of town.  

Todd and I watched "Alaska the Last Frontier" so we knew exactly what we were doing.  Plus- we all referred to a "how to castrate baby bulls" You Tube video. Haha.  My life just makes me laugh!
Poor little Chuck and T-bone.
They really did handle things so well.
Chuck, well, he might just end up half bull and half steer.  We had a small problem with his manhood.  Ahem.  But the all knowing You Tube sources assure us that half a bull is almost as good as no bull at all.  
Now that I've witnessed the rubber banding of my very own (son's) calves, I feel that I am officially a farm-girl.  The fact that I was wearing a skirt and sandles and didn't get my hands dirty shouldn't disqualify me, should it?
I did pet their sweet little faces.

And, to my new friend Ken- it was nice to meet you.
I'm sorry my cow pooed on your jeans.
Please come back soon.
Life is good. 
(I have a video of the affair on Instagram and Facebook.  You don't want to miss this...) haha.
Wow.  What a lovely post to follow my feminist rant.


Anonymous said...

I can do things too! I don't just have a darling accent :p

jenifer said...

You're invited!!

Amy said...

It made Shawn pretty nervous when we had goats and I took care of that little issue all on my own. He always has to share that story! It's just a way of life on a farm - I grew up having to band my sheep! I also had to brand cows and give lots of shots to lots of animals. Once one of my friends needed a shot and no one would give her one, but it was no big deal to me because I had given them to animals so much! Oh memories...

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