July 29, 2014

Just so you don't worry...

We have a full line-up of fun that is beginning to push us through these summer weeks.  

I will try to post off and on, but don't be surprised if I'm more off than on.

My world is blooming and beautiful. 
My children and my calves are growing before my eyes.
My feathered ladies have begun to lay the most adorable eggs.
We have vacuumed and cleaned out our van in preparation for fun trips ahead.
I'm re-visiting my "morning routine" which I have missed for... Oh, about a year and a half!

I am dabbling with the idea of resuming an exercise regimen (gasp).
I am listening to glorious audible books as I putter around the house.

Yesterday, I sorted and purged the girls' clothes (again).  Leah (who gets the most hand me downs and usually has an armoire that is quite full) said, "Mom!! This is so good!!  I can see all my clothes!!"
(Too much is harder to deal with than too little!)

I miss our long philosophical chats, but I am remembering my niche as a mother.

I absolutely love to sing songs, read Mother Goose Rhymes, and play ring around the rosy.

My children are my friends- and I'm just getting to know and like them again.  (Is that bad to admit?)  I grew away from them a bit as I focuses on my own personal recovery.

My oldest boys are growing up before my eyes.  Jakob looks down on me now and I feel that I have always looked up to him.  Oh-- the JOY of teenagers.  Yes, there is heartache.  But- wow!  I love these kids.  

We have become a team.  They are so fun and helpful (when they are not being not fun and unhelpful- ha!).
I am still the coach-- but, I am not the high-scorer these days.

My children love to quote my sigh of exasperation as we played Memory one afternoon.  They think I was absolutely serious when I sighed "I don't even care if you guys beat me because I beat Eve ever single day."  Ha!  It's true.  But, I'm sure I won't be able to beat Eve much longer.  Isn't it amazing how smart these little whiper-snappers are?!

Summer is beautiful.
I hope you swim.
I hope you feel sand beneath your toes.
I hope your toy bins get all mixed up, your kitchen floors are sticky, you find wet swimsuits on your carpet, and your windows are forever fingerprinted!
I hope you laugh, LOVE, and take a nap.

Today- we are alive and blessed.
I am grateful for family.
I'm grateful for summer. 
Life is SO good.


Melanie said...

So true. Healing, growth in children and the annual summer activities. I smiled about your summer hopes for us. We have it all except the sand between our toys, we changed it to mud and grass:) Love your optimism, happy you are doing well.

Marie said...

Happy Summer, Jen! Have a wonderful time with your family --- will be here when you return!!! ❤️ 😎

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