July 14, 2014

My Love.

The professor is home.  I love him so.

My girls have been reading my old journals.  This morning we read back over the months Todd and I dated and fell in love.  

Isn't it amazing that we have come from young BYU students to parents of 8 living on a mini-farm in NY?

Yesterday during lunch I told him that I loved him and he asked me why-- jokingly I said, "because you make homemade bread and beef stroganoff."  He said, "Well, I love you too."  I asked why?  After thinking for a long time he said, "You are the most beautiful woman I know.  And, beauty is all encompassing inside and out."  Sweet!  I love him and thank the Lord for this time...(excerpts from my journal 1996)

Life is good.
Happy Monday!

Ellie's hair looked like this--
It was so ratted underneath I was sure we would have to chop it off.
My cute friend conditioned and brushed, and brushed, and brushed...
And she got out every knot!!
Ellie said she prayed that it wouldn't hurt.
Cute girl.
I'm not sure Ellie's hair is going to make it through a summer of constant pool and lake swimming. 
She wanted to make sure I documented her hair miracle on the blog.
I love this knotty haired kid.


Anonymous said...

we have hair like hers in our family also! use a shampoo with as little alcohol as possible and sleep with coconut oil in her hair, like once or week or so, it will help it get more moisture that the pool and sun are draining. sometimes the coconut oil gets a little stinky overnight,so make sure its on a day you can wash first thing!
also falt ironing with the flat iron oil helps,

Anonymous said...

wow maybe you need to brush your daughter' hair more often?

grammyDonna said...

my daughter and now granddaughters all have long very fine hair and lots of it. When they were small I always used J&J no more tangles spray conditioner and then gently brushed out all the knots and tangles. Worked well all the time

Kristen said...

Check out the wet brush on Amazon, it's amazing! Gets through tough knots with much less pulling! With as many long haired beauties as you have, it's well worth the $9.

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