October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts.

Todd is in Germany for the week.
I am enjoying my fast and crazy life here at home.

Anna had her surgery follow-up appointment and her hand looks great.
(It still looks crazy sad to me, but great as  far as stitched-up hands look.)
I had a friend in college who was the most beautiful, gentle, kind girl.  She was married to a hunk of a husband.  And, half of her face and her neck was scarred from a burn accident when she was a child.  I remember wondering if her mother ached every time she saw her burned little girl.  The answer is, yes.  You always ache, but at the very same time your heart swells with pride at the beauty that grows through the ashes.
This was our two hour long appointment, followed by physical therapy.
Ben was beastly.
He is officially not fun anywhere that he can't climb, throw, eat, jump, crash, or hit.  Haha.
BOY O BOY!!  I remember BOYS!!
He's a cute little stink.
(Look closely at this picture... Ellie is doing really cool things with her nails.  It involves youtube, mugs of water, covering your finger with tape, and floating two different colors of nail polish in it.  Ellie is SO fun.)

We are drinking in Fall.
It's amazingly perfect here.

What's your favorite season?
Least favorite?

I have been contemplating this because I tend to enjoy whatever season we are in the most.  I'm a cup-half-full kind of girl.
But, I've decided.

My least favorite season is... Spring.
Isn't that odd?

I love the white, crisp beauty of winter.  Love it.
I think that by the time Spring comes, I'm ready for Summer and warm weather.  I feel most agitated by muddy, cold Spring days.  Weird, I know.  I like a decisive season-- hot summers, cool falls, snowy winters... And spring just drags on winter sometimes.  If I have to pick a least favorite, that's what I'd pick.  At least until Spring comes.  :) (no, I'm not going to take the time to edit my capitalization in this silly paragraph.)

My FIRST ever late night project school project.  And ironically, it would have been finished earlier if I had not accidentally thrown away and had to repurchase the poster board.  (My kids are ridiculously independent with their schoolwork.)  It was fun working with Anna, although she is as particular about poster placement as she was about sock wrinkles for the first ten years of her life.  Anna is the most perfectionistic of all my perfectionists.

I was told after school that walking by Anna's desk, her teacher exclaimed "Anna!  Look at that poster!  It's the best I've ever seen!"  So, I suppose her attention to detail does pay off.  
My grocery shopping is all finished.
I hate when I spend most of my budget on the first day we get paid.  Ha!

I'm folding laundry today.
I've been up at the school helping with 6th grade and PTO.
I LOVE schools.  Good, good people work in the school system.
No matter what legislation is passed, I love schools because I love teachers.

I'm going to an interfaith luncheon today and Time Out for Women in Saratoga Springs tomorrow and our whole family got invited over to another professor's home for dinner on Sunday (isn't that nice?).  (Like that fancy punctuation?)!
Hope we don't destroy their fancy home or rare artifacts from Zimbabwe. 
I'm so excited!!  
Anyone else going to that Time Out for Women??
See my lip?
Rocco hit my face with his head and my tooth went all the way through my lip.
It hurts.  Really hurts.
I did not sentence him to a life in purgatory or even growl at him.  
(Honest, only stolen cookie dough and three months of catheters, not even a face full of blood, can illicit fire and brimstone from my mouth.  Haha. Oh-- don't even look at the commas in that ridiculous sentence.)

Have a great Thursday friends!!
I must stop before my grammar drives me crazy!!  Oh my.
Life is good!!  Fall is fabulous!
I really need to start thinking about Halloween.  :)
Enjoy today!

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Marie said...

You crack me up...😆

I love your kids...❤️

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