October 24, 2014

When you wake up cranky

Eve rinsed the breakfast dishes yesterday.
She spent an hour scrubbing and rinsing while I picked up around the house.

My house was a mess and I was avoiding it like the plague.  We don't have a good chore system these days (just dishes) and I have two little ones who make a big mess in a minute if I'm not careful.  So, this morning the mess fell on me and it felt overwhelming.  (Revised chore system coming soon...)

I started my day by deleting Facebook and Instagram off my phone (too tempting).

Then, I decided I needed inspiration and uplift, so I set my phone to read The Book of Mormon to me.  Even if I wasn't completely focused on the words I just kept the audio on in the background.  I was amazed at how often words from scripture would match the random thoughts my mind was mulling over while I cleaned.  

I always start with laundry and while that is washing I go room to room.

I took a break somewhere in the midst of my morning to pull out my journal and write down some goals.  It felt SO good to think and plan and hope!  I hardly ever do all the things I hope to do, but hoping and trying is one of my greatest talents. 

What started out as a cranky day, ended up a beautifully productive day.

As I saw things that needed to be done, I wrote a list of random jobs on the whiteboard.  When the kids came home I had them choose one large or two small jobs.  It's so nice to get help with those random jobs.

In the afternoon, I baked.
Eve, Ben and I made granola, bread, and the most amazing cinnamon rolls ever.  While I was finishing the rolls, Anna fried pork chops and Drew made couscous and green beans for dinner.  

Everyday I put a pitcher to fill with water under the faucet while I'm making last minute dinner prep.  And, everyday my kids tease me when it overflows.

Drew was filling the pitcher last night and it overflowed.  I teased him and he said it was because he was trying to do so many things at once.  I laughed, "Yes, it's called multi-tasking."  I could see his brain working-- maybe Mom isn't just forgetful, maybe she's just doing a lot of different things at once also.  

We ended the night with a family trip to a haunted house, and then the big kids put the little kids to bed while Todd and I went on a date to an interesting, inspiring lecture.

Life can be good, even on cranky Thursdays.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds exactly like my morning today and how I'm feeling about my kids and their jobs. But they've given up on the kitchen job too. The only one that ever succeeds. Not anymore. I need to revamp too.
Thanks for your daily posts. I always learn something.

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