January 07, 2015

Vote for Me?!

Hey friends--

 I am trying to raise awareness for the Hope for Accreta foundation. Many of you know that I was diagnosed with the most severe form of Accreta, Percreta, during my 8th pregnancy. My placenta grew through an old c-section scar and attached onto other abdominal organs. During surgery, brave doctors accidentally severed my right iliac and my life was saved by over 200 strangers whose blood kept me alive. I'm posting my picture late, but please vote for me. You can vote once per day. I need over 1000 votes to win. THANK YOU!! I hope that sharing my story will somehow help others.

Feel free to share my story and link as you wish.

I hope my story gives HOPE to those who are enduring hard things.
I hope my story encourages early diagnoses of this condition.
I hope my story gives perspective and humor to those who have much to endure.
I hope my story inspires YOU to donate blood and save lives.

Just a little note-- all of the other pictures in the competition are quite happy.  I have some cute, happy pictures of Ben and me.  I chose this picture because it is real.  This is my picture of surviving Accreta.  

On Ben's first birthday we went for traditional mom and me pictures.  I was unprepared for the wave of gratitude, sorrow and emotion that I felt as I held this little guy.  Accreta opened my heart to many who suffer.  I feel honored to stand with these brave women.
Please vote (for me or for any of my other Accreta sisters)!
(I have a REALLY hard time putting myself out there and asking for silly votes.  I'm late to the race, but I am choosing to be a part of it.  Just another attempt to "Engage".)
Thanks for your support.
Life is good.

Vote HERE!!

1 comment:

Shauna Thompson said...

Voted. ;) Such sweet little faces in all of those pictures!

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