February 04, 2015


It was a cold February evening 16 years ago when Jakob took his first breath.  No baby has been more cherished.  This child raised me.  He exceeds me in all but dish-washing abilities.  (If we count dishwasher loading, he might still have me beat.)

Jakob is a kind soul.

While in Kindergarten, he was so excited to announce that tomorrow was pajama day!  He asked if he could bring an extra pair of pajamas in his bag, for a friend who didn't have any pajamas.  I watched as he gathered his pjs and arranged Superman PJs neatly in his backpack and laid The Incredibles out to wear the next day.  Knowing Superman was his favorite I asked why he packed those to lend out.  He said frankly, "Because the Superman ones are the best."

This kindness seeps from him still as he plays with his younger siblings.  At church dances, my heart melts to watch him ask a sweet handicapped girl to dance the last dance.  

Jakob isn't perfect, but he's close.  He gets sassy at times but ALWAYS apologizes quickly.  

I believe Jakob was given to me as a gift.  How blessed I am to see him grow into a sweet, happy, smart young man.

He is neat, organized, confidant, and diligent.  He has a quick sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye.  There is a reason that 4 of his 7 teachers last year chose Jakob for their top student award. (This wasn't a grade thing, it was more of a tracher's choice award.)  

Today Jakob got his braces off (and rainbow colored retainers on- poor guy sounds like he has three jolly ranchers in his mouth)!

Got to spend the afternoon with his favorite mother and three youngest siblings (Lily is home sick).  
(They were so intently filling out the pink form.)
(Oh how these pictures make me smile!
Those tip toes...)
AND got his drivers permit!!
He's growing up...
Sure love that kid!
(Cheesecake... Mmm)

Life is good.
Happy Birthday Kob... 

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

My oldest will shortly be 15. I'm starting to be really boggled as each teen birthday comes and goes.

Happy birthday to your boy!

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