March 14, 2015

Face of Accreta

My friend, Gina Walker, asked for some pictures to include on an Accreta awareness video she is making.

I may have gotten a little carried away.
Eve is ALWAYS happy.  This little girl adds so much sunshine to our home.

Ben has the new nickname "Stitch."
I call this group of pictures-- eat lunch with Accreta... Or, Ben won't sit still unless he's eating!

Stay tuned for the final video...
I have been hearing many more cases of Accreta being suspected at early ultrasounds!!  It makes my heart SO happy to know that this condition is becoming more and more talked about so that we are more focused on uterine health and are more prepared during risky deliveries!  

If you suspect Accreta or want to know more about it, visit!

Have a great day!

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