March 06, 2015

Feeling Lucky!

Prince (our deer) is feeling lucky.

I have found the cure for mid-winter blues-- just a little bit of SPICE and color. Whenever motherhood feels tiresome and monotonous, I get my hair cut and do something fun.  This week, I found my mojo at Hobby Lobby.

I'm stuck under more snow than I've ever seen in my life trying to raise more kids than I have ever lived with in my life.
I'm vacillating between content, "Life is good" highs, and "Heaven help me I'm not going to make it" lows.  Some days I'm pulling the sleigh up-hill, and some days I'm riding down the most beautiful mountain I could ever imagine!  

I analyze my mental and physical world WAY too much.  You already know this about me.

It seems counterintuitive to do MORE when you're overwhelmed or uninspired, but trust me!  If you aren't loving your life-- create some fun in your life.  Decorate for a holiday, go somewhere, invite people over, plan a special dinner, make milkshakes, have oatmeal for breakfast and let the kids sprinkle sprinkles on it, buy shaving cream and let them paint with it, oh the possibilities are endless.

Homemaking and mothering gets tiresome and overwhelming when you are simply running, running, trying to catch up.  Routine eat, sleep, laundry, clean, cook, dress, straighten, etc., these daily tasks are SO essential but golly!!! They are SO boring!

Sometimes, I have to remind myself to STOP and enjoy the childhood.  Enjoying motherhood makes mothering endurable.

Many people prescribe "me-time" to mothers who feel lost.  It is interesting to me that me-time doesn't usually make me feel better, it makes me want more me-time.  Ha!  

When I feel cranky with motherhood, it is actually embracing motherhood that helps.  "Kid-time" makes me feel better.  

As winter endures I find my soul seeking outings and friendship.  A trip to the science museum is just the thing for mommas and kids who are a bit stir crazy.  

I'm SO sick of packing lunches.  We let the kids buy school lunches a couple of times and I'm currently planning a fun GREEN St Patty's day lunch.  I need green lunches to help me endure years and years of dumb sandwich making.  (I hate sandwiches.)

For me, holidays add fun!  A walk around Hobby Lobby and some silly St Patty's Day decorations add glitter to my life.  I can tell I'm not myself when my life has lost the fun extras.

Thank goodness for date night with Todd tonight, and the times I sneak out with one kid for a mom-date.  I so enjoy some time on Family Search or Ancestry while my kids are sleeping.  Taking some time to write a paragraph or two in my journal before bed just makes me feel finished with my day.  

I'm just finishing up this blog as my little ones walked in the door from school.  They squealed with excitement, pointed to my silly deer and said, "Mom!  I love that, it's so funny!"
See- a little green goes a long way.

Life is good!
I love my job!
I love my boss.
I laugh at this picture of my yellow bum and our pediatrician's blue/snowflake bum that Eve took while we were convincing Ben to say "Ahhhh!"

Oh, happy Friday friends!


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

You wrote, "Many people prescribe "me-time" to mothers who feel lost. It is interesting to me that me-time doesn't usually make me feel better, it makes me want more me-time. Ha!

When I feel cranky with motherhood, it is actually embracing motherhood that helps. "Kid-time" makes me feel better."

I agree 100%. I discovered this truth years ago, and you're the first person I've ever met who agrees with it. I'm feeling so relieved and encouraged to find a kindred spirit for this philosophy!

picknknit said...

Totally! "Me-time" is so overrated! That's because it's service that will pull us out of our slumps, not selfishness! I have a cue card that I read to myself every morning that says:
"When you feel the blues coming on, find a way to serve someone else; make your husband a special meal, build Lego with the kids, plan a family walk to the park, read books with your kids, bake cookies together and take them to your neighbors..." And the list goes on. It works because we can feel the light of Christ in our lives when we serve those around us as he did, when we forget ourselves and commit instead to a greater cause. It's the adversary that would have us wallow in selfishness or despair. Service is the Lord's way to improvement for yourself and the world around you...
"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
Matthew 25:40
Thank you Jenifer for yet another wonderful post!
Your friend,

cheryl cardall said...

I agree with you that "fun" is the secret ingredient we are often missing in Motherhood. However I don't think me time is selfish actually if it's in balance. 15 minutes of solitude while I read scriptures or an inspirational book does wonders for this Mama. Taking time to exercise or go to lunch with a good friend saves my sanity. Self care is important for me at least.

picknknit said...

Yes I agree! Thank you Cheryl for clarifying that :) I was thinking in much more "excess" terms. I benefit much from scripture study and exercise myself! My focus was more on reaching out to others instead of escaping too often inward or away from motherly responsibilities. I would definitely consider exercise and scripture study things that enhance my mothering capabilities :) but 3 hours of nightly TV "for me", or weekly manicures, or other such activities are time that could be used for better things. I like to remind myself that time is a gift from God and think about what he would have me doing with that time. When I think of it that way, it keeps things in perspective for me and other less important things take their proper place at the end of the list.

cheryl cardall said...

I agree with you 100%. Taking care of ourselves in balanced, healthy ways means we have time and energy to care for our families. While I do love a good mani/pedi I do it about twice a year :)

jenifer said...

I'm certain it would be easy to take what I've said to an extreme (although I don't think any of us are). Obviously it is important to take care of ourselves and have some time away. I don't count scripture time or exercise (or grocery shopping or doctor appointments) as me-time although all are necessary and refreshing. Spending money and leaving my home are not pre-requisites for feeling renewed and refreshed. I don't need a trip to Cancun without my kids, sometimes just a trip to the library with my kids brings excitement and energy into my life. Lose yourself and you shall find yourself, says one who is wiser than me.

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