April 24, 2015

April Snow

Yes, we got almost 3 inches of accumulated snow.  The little daffodils sagged over and huddled together.  They looked like I felt.

My little ones LOVED this gentle, fluffy snow.  Ben knows snow, after a snowy winter here in Upstate NY, but I'm not sure I have ever let him play in the snow while it's snowing.  He marched around with cute giggles escaping every now and then.  Eve announced that this snow was delicious!
Those two are adorable together.
My iPhone picture feed has pictures of 6th grade graduation shirts we're selling, chicken tractors we're planning, and blood drive posters we're designing.
(Yes, I know I spelled strangers wrong.  This is an early draft of the poster...)
I spent my day yesterday meeting with the elementary school principal, helping at a local preschool we've organized, shopping with my best helpers at local feed and tractor and produce shops, contributing to book group by text, and attending a public affairs meeting.  It was a fun, full day doing what I love!!

My laundry is not folded.
I'm a bit nervous about a Red Cross presentation I'm giving today, and the fact that I'm getting a big bunch of day old chicks and turkey poults.  

Yes friends, life is good!
I pray that your homes are peaceful, Spring is in your soul, and you have someone you love beside you.
Happy Friday!!

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