April 28, 2015

Spring Cleaning-- preparing the soil and organizing the closets

We're working the soil here at our little Tully farm.

On Saturday Todd took the tractor and scraped off the sod.  This is our attempt to avoid the grass we had growing in 2014.

Yesterday outside, the boys dumped old manure from our barn on the garden bed.
The manure was really breaking down!  It was hot (about 90*) and so stinky!
Jakob texted me this picture.

Today they will finish moving manure.
My goal is "loamy" soil (new word thanks to Jason-- I'm sorry I doubted your vocabulary!)

My friend Jason says he tills his garden three times before planting- he's the loamy king.

He recommends I till in the manure, 10 bags of peet, 5 bags of 10-10-10, and one bag of 30-30-30.  
We are renting a tiller on Saturday.
I need to do some research before then to see what 10-10-10 and 30-30-30 is and whether it is something I want in my garden.

How do you prepare your soil?

We are having 20 yards of mulch delivered on Friday.  So, we're still trying to clean out our landscaping beds so they are ready.  Garden and landscaping outside after school... Closets inside.

Oh my!! Somehow I lost my organization this winter.  My toys are all mixed, my cupboards are messy, and my closets are screaming for attention.  I have 500 coats waiting to be washed and stored, and my garage, basement and Tupperware all need my attention.  I can't stand it any more!!  

Yesterday inside, my goal was to sort and organize Ben's clothes, my closet, and Leah, Lily, and Eve.  I never made it to the little girls.  But, I did get all my active paper stuff organized with a new system and I went to a neat book group.
(My new filing system for on-going To Do, To mail, To remember, things...)

We snuck in a perfect FHE (before dinner at after school activities) where we memorized Alma 41:10 "Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness."  We talked about everything from Bruce Jenner to doing our chores.  We focused on feeling and acting upon the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.  I especially loved realizing how important it is for us to understand that the whispering of the Holy Spirit within is often very different from what we feel like doing.  Everything that prompts us to do good and keep the commandments is of God- will lead us to joy today and forever.  I just know this is true with my whole soul.

My house is a mess of odds and end piles of To Donate, Too Small, To bring to the basement, Random Goodness.  My to do list is prolific.  

I hate the little piles at the end of an organizing project.  

Today I'm off and running!!
Wish me luck, I'm a cleaning machine.
(This house does not have the beautiful walk in closets my previous homes have had.  But, my little closet works fine.  I still need to get rid of some things... Baby steps.)

Oh, Spring is good.  Life is good.
I am busy and happy!

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