April 18, 2015

To Do List

Clean chicken coop-- done
Clean winter debri off landscape beds-
3 done, 30 left to do.  
Oh the backyard...
Plan garden, prepare soil.

Order mulch.

Train Rocco on his new portable shock collar so we can bring him with us in the field and so he won't "play" with the chickens.

Prepare for 24 Narragansett turkey babies and 24 freedom ranger chicks coming this Friday.

Plan Red Cross luncheon speech for this Friday, prepare PowerPoint, find a babysitter.

Remove a winter's worth of cow manure from the barn!!
(That's our job as soon as I get off this blog!)

Build brooders, buy supplies, build the cutest, cheapest, most functional chicken tractor ever.

Plan PTO cookbook sales, 6th grade graduation trip to Green Lake, Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert, and upcoming Stake/Tully Blood Drive for Ben's birthday.

Plan church lesson for tomorrow.

Feed my family.

Keep Ben safe.
All County Choir concert for Ellie, service project for Drew, Priest Laurel activity for Jakob, get birthday presents for two parties, EXERCISE AND FEED MY SPIRIT daily.

Call to see if friends are coming to dinner tomorrow night.

Mail Christmas cards from last Christmas.
No, I'm not joking.  They are addressed and ready to go, I was just embarrassed to send them late and now in April, I'm over it and have decided just to be humble and send the stupid things.

Finish and put away all laundry and then sort winter and summer clothes, organize closets.
(I'm SO excited to do this!!  Really.)

I'm sure I'm only forgetting 20 things.
I LOVE feeling alive and productive.
Our days are full and I am absolutely grateful for this stage of life.
Life is beautiful and good.
Enjoy your stage.
The poo is calling!!

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